3 types of women, which do NOT leave

Women who do NOT throwdo Not throw women manipulators — and not any, and skilled. A woman who could skillfully manipulate correctly chooses the victim and skillfully adjust the length of leash men. Falling from one extreme to another (from excessive weakness to hard pressure), it creates a permanent emotional stress for men, which leaves him the possibility of understanding the situation and find solutions.

In the category of risk to be abandoned are not included, and independent, headstrong woman. The difference between these copies from the above mentioned manipulators is that they require the execution of any whim, and the responsibility laid on men. This category does not include women who are building their lives and themselves to achieve their goals — for example, a business lady.

Such women just usually very hard to keep the man next to him, as they often have a "male power", as used to independence, to solve complex problems and leadership.In this case we are talking about women that their independence is sent to search for a fan only to use and discard when he becomes more unnecessary.

The third type of women are women who don't use men, not control them and manipulate them. This woman is working hard and lives a full life, not trying to change the partner or to demand something from him.

Will not leave her because she knows to be afraid of being abandoned, it means to be such. It does not seek to make the man of your property and makes him feel like he owe her something. A woman knows that she can only control yourself, and that thoughts about what men are bast..., does not bring happiness.

To summarize. While most abandoned women psychologically torturing yourself with questions like: "What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong, once I got dumped?", the first two categories "neproshenyh" women are such and in a head will not come. Of course, that's a plus — no excess stress, however, is constructive in this approach — 0!

It is the third category of women are able to combine both approaches: they ask themselves the right questions that will help you to understand yourself and the situation without guilt, and will benefit even from seemingly negative and stressful situation.

This category of women is the rarest, but I think it is long. Our society has clearly demonstrated that extreme, in which fell the beautiful half of humanity — infantile weakness, or life on an equal basis with men, has long outlived its usefulness.

Modern life, the changes of manners and traditions require women skills easily adapt to a new, flexibility and hardness at the same time. And wise women are committed to the combination of all these qualities in themselves and their development. published


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