Don't think if you lose weight in 8 sizes, it's forever... the Pounds will come back with a vengeance!

To have a slim and toned body everyone wants. Especially dream about it people who are obese. Dream blinded the minds of the people that they use any methods of loss of hated kilograms in the shortest line. But do not rush to envy the photos of the "before and after".

Besides the fact that fast weight loss has a number of negative implications for overall health, the lost weight will come back to you with a vengeance. Edition "Website" will tell you the example of the participants of the popular show about losing weight, then what happens to the body.

Sudden loss usodna of the finalists of the British show on weight loss was recognized as the best in the achievements regarding weight loss. However, immediately after the show she started to rapidly gain weight. And now from the smiling shapely woman were only archived videos.

The same fate was awaiting one more participant — Harriet Jenkins. She even became a celebrity in the field of weight loss, because in 15 months she has lost 95 pounds, dressed from the 30-th size clothing in 10 minutes. However, after just a few weeks after the competition, the weight started to come back. Although right now the woman does not mention your exact weight, it is clearly very far away from size ten.

These people won the largest and most well-known competitions for weight loss, but most of them re-gained almost all the weight dropped. According to experts, about 40 % of people who manage substantial weight loss (lose up to 120 pounds), returning to their previous weight or even gaining more than the former. And it's not just about extreme dieting: trying to lose weight every year 30 million people, but 10% of them within three years get fat again.

Few people know that in the long term, diets don't work. The body begins to work differently, metabolic rate, and hormonal change, so that hunger increases, even if there is less. People don't know these things and blame yourself for the return of the kilos. But weight gain is a predictable consequence of loss.

In order to maintain the achieved weight loss a result, it is necessary every day at least one hour to devote to physical exercise and from time to time to hand over analyses on hormones. Because the diet becomes ineffective, and the body is exhausted from lack of necessary trace elements. And, of course, important mental attitude. It is important to stress, because your body is so many have experienced during the diet.

So if you're going to lose weight, let diet you will be prescribed a specialist. And to have a beautiful body and a healthy mind, exercise is the best method to maintain yourself in shape. Share useful information with friends in social networks!

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