I have not enough imagination to make such a wonder out of old pillowcases! Look at this splendor!

All homes have old beddingthat is either collecting dust in the closet, or flying into the trash or goes in rags. But it can be a great use! Pillow cases, duvet covers and sheets with the "story" is good material for creativity.

Grab from the chest the cloth! I have an 11 interesting ideas for creating things from the pillowcases.

What to sew your recamiere for inspiration
  1. Laundry bag Tired of bulky boxes for underwear? Here's a great idea, which will save space!

  2. Beautiful bracelets
    Delicate bracelets will complement any spring look. To make a bracelet with your own hands, you will need a piece of cloth with beautiful prints, furniture and iron or plastic base.

  3. Vintage handbag
    While fashionistas rummage the shops in search of a suitable bag, you can create one at home from my grandmother's pillowcases. And if it will still be embroidery or lace, not to fold!

  4. Envelopes for photos
    A great way to store family pictures in these textile envelopes.

  5. Swipe
    Lovely napkins will grace any table setting. Besides, you can't go without on a barbeque, picnic, and any occasion.

  6. The bag
    Reliable protection for your things.

  7. Kitchen towels
    Old linens can be outrageously tear on clothes, and you can use it in more creative and useful. Neat towels in the kitchen never hurts!

  8. Decor hangers
    Wire hangers can be converted using these capes.

  9. Curtains
    Curtains, made in the technique of patchwork, will be the highlight of the interior. For their manufacture you'll need different pieces of fabric. You can use old pillow cases, duvet covers, sheets.

  10. Box for trinkets
    From a cardboard box and pillow cases can make kind of box, well where to put toys, thread, medicines and other things.

  11. Bag for products
    A great accessory for trips to the market.

Now you don't want to throw away old pillowcases! I hope these ideas will inspire you to create original products. Be sure to let your friends know you did it!

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