Berlin fashionista makes handbags with their hands. You'll flip when you find out what is this!

The secret of style lies in the details. Fashionista, pays attention to details, will always be the center of attention. But what to do when existing accessories obsolete, and you want something fresh, unusual? Come to the aid of an interesting idea, a little patience and most skilled hands!

Today the editors of "Site" will let you in on the secrets of fashion trend, which appeared a few years ago in Germany. A girl named Erica noticed the distant similarity of the rings-openers for cans with rings of chain mail. And start to create!

In a short time the idea of creating original things of rings has captured the minds of many knitters. Now to evaluate unconventional ideas we will try.

Bag your rugamite need
  • 480 rings
  • 12 m waxed cord
  • plastic canvas 30 x 40 cm
  • thick woolen yarn
  • zipper 25 cm long
  • rivets
  • 1 big needle
  • scissors
  • the tape
  • crochet hook

  1. Your bag your hands will consist of 12 chains, bottle openers, 40 each. To start, cut the waxed cord into 12 segments, each at 1 meter.
  2. Put the cord into the eye of a needle. Put together first 3 rings as shown in the photo.

  3. Stretch cord through the bottom hole and the middle hole on the left part. On the reverse side leave 7 inches of cord, so that later you can connect the dots.

  4. Stretch cord through the top right hole and bottom hole of the middle openers.

  5. Now you can add another ring to continue the chain. Repeat the sequence of weaving.

  6. Once a chain of 40 of bottle openers will be ready to tie together the two tip of the cord so as to form a ring.

  7. Start to add the next row of parts from the place of ligaments, repeating a sequence of weaving. Such series shall be formed 12.

  8. Finish the last row. Take the hook and yarn. Start to tie the top of the rings simple the column without nakidaalternately promazyvaya then 3, then 4 loops.

  9. Then it's easier. Continue in a circular piping, the basics of yarn. The width of the knit strip should be not less than 7 inches. Put the workpiece.

  10. Crochet Foundation. In this video, a very detailed description of the mechanism of knitting. Movie in English, but everything is clear without words.
  11. Take the plastic canvas. Using rivets, attach to it the resulting basis size 25 x 12 cm and cut out the same item on the canvas.

  12. With a simple column without nakida, attach the bottom of the bag to the piece of cereal. The scheme of knitting identical to the one we used in the tying of rings.

  13. Bag is almost ready! Using needle and thread sew the zipper to the top knitted part of the bag as shown in the picture.

  14. Handle for bags can buy ready-made, and can do without it and carrying it under my arm or clasping his hand.

Fashionable, and most importantly, the exclusive accessory will be a worthy addition to your spring outfit and bring in his charming rebellious touch. Be sure to share with friends interesting ideas and get to work!

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