To give nothing

All noticed a strange hunger of youth to a passive income: "a Model that brings you $ 200 daily! Work 15 minutes a day!", "Don't do anything, but the money fall into your account". Or three-hour working weeks, which are so fond of saying. And everyone loves it! Like to receive without giving anything.

But if you think logically: in nature, in the world and in business there is no way that you receive without giving in return.

This is a basic law of conservation of energy. It works everywhere: in relationships, in nature, in business. To make 10 thousand rubles per day, you need a reason why you will get the money. The reason — your skills, product, experience and your work.

As it was in the USSR?

I have not lived in the Soviet Union. Rather, the beginning of my conscious life I had at the time after its collapse. I vaguely remember only queue and coupons in early childhood. But what I remember from reading books and magazines and I greatly enjoyed is the work culture.Work as a value. Appeal to the fact that you have to work.

Before you understand the subject and learn to do the right actions, separating them from wrong, work through a lot of "ore". And this "ore" — is labor. To understand at what point to beat, hit 10, 20, 50 times at least somewhere.

Often when I say something to the person,suggesting a large amount of perseverance on his part, I see some disappointment in his eyes. Something like: "Oh, Yes, there is work to do... No, sorry, I'm not ready", "Here we have to work? To spend personal time? To solve the problem? And there is something simpler?".

In the labour market there are a huge number of people who rate themselves thousands on 100 or less, but nothing. They have the experience, and behind the missing result. They believe that the diploma or the fact of working in a company where they didn't do anything either, already guarantee them a salary of 60 thousand. No, my friends. Let's get to work.

"Easily not catch fish from the pond" Train yourself not to shun work, to work hard a lot.

Nurture a culture of hard work in themselves and in their children, subordinates, the employees will succeed. But without hard work you won't work.


Author: Mikhail Dashkiev


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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