How to make a lamp for lighting zakarniznaya

Most people have wrong idea about possibilities of this type of lighting. On the example of life, we will clarify some aspects and prove that the coverage of this kind can be bright and the main source of light in the room.

Calculations and measurements of the room

  • An area of about 36 meters.
  • Ceiling height of 3.5 meters.
  • Distance from the eaves to ceiling 25cm.
  • The length of the eaves 6+5*2 = 22m
Briefly: basic lighting (350lux), the room should be lights on 49306 lumens — l m. Knowing the total length of the lamps (the distance along the eaves) is 22 m, we can learn the necessary light output linear lamps to 1 m (49306/22=2241l m).

EquipmentUnder these parameters are suitable Japanese led module HOKASU Q96 with a luminous flux 2280Лм/m.
To cool that module and increase its service life, we take the angle profile U-A16. Also, it will help us to reduce the coefficient of sweeper by 5-10%, due to the orientation of the luminescence at an angle to the center of the room.

The production of the linear lamp1. Begin Assembly c cutting aluminum profile.

2. Next, we line sizing (they have adhesive 3M) and propium all rulers among themselves.

3. Connect the finished sections of the lamps between them.
Consistently connect the modules better not more than 4 m Respectively with power from both sides, we can prepare the lamp long and 8-9 M.

4. Ready lights up and laying on our ledge.
Fix or glue they do not need!

With the lights on you need to look at exposure and, if necessary, to move the lamps over the surface of our eaves, to achieve the most beautiful result.



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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