It turns out that regular rice should be cooked in a special way

Scientists have found that millions of people put themselves at risk due to improper cooking rice.

Recent experiments have shown that the most common way of cooking rice — conventional cooking in boiling water. And that's not enough for the removal of arsenic. The fact that in the soil for decades to accumulate industrial toxins and pesticides that contain arsenic. It poisons absorbed into the plant roots through the soil. The use of this product may cause a number of health problems, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, and cancer.

To see how changing the level of arsenic in rice, Professor of biological Sciences from Queen's University Andy Mirg conducted an experiment. In the BBC TV show "Trust me I'm a doctor," he made the rice in three different ways:

In the first case, he boiled rice in the ratio of 2:1, as traditionally prepares most people to the complete evaporation of water. In the second of 5 parts of water it took 1 part of rice. When the excess liquid was drained and measured the levels of arsenic, appeared, the amount was decreased by almost half. In the third case, the rice soaked overnight. The level of toxins decreased by 80 %. This weekend the Website is going to experiment and cook the rice in a new way. And offers it to its readers. Maybe among you there are already those who just cook rice? Share your opinions, it will be interesting to find out.

How to safely cook your rice:
  • Soak the rice overnight in cold water.
  • Rinse several times until water is clear.
  • Cook the rice 1 part rice to 5 parts water and drain the excess liquid.
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