Fear lives in the legs of mirror reflection of emotions in our body

Imagine: you're sitting in the control room a huge nuclear power plant and as soon as any of the hundreds of available instruments starts to flash, ring or otherwise give you alarming, you angrily turn it off — not to irritate. Or — if you have a Scandinavian composure — does not turn off, but continue to quietly solve a crossword puzzle. The effects can not be described by your imagination.

You wonder what kind of wild fantasy? But this, to put it mildly, careless Manager — you are. Don't believe?

Our body is so complex and perfect mechanism, that the nuclear power station compared to him is an elementary sewing machine, because it is something people long ago constructed and built, but to create a body from one single cell so far, thank God, did not bother.

And this sophisticated mechanism is constantly talking to us, every second gives us a varied and vitalsignals — "don't eat so many sweets!", "You hate this man!", "Give me a break!" — and other, much more complicated. And how do we have these signals react?


In the best case go to the doctor — even treats us with pills and injections; at worst — "pick yourself up" and try to continue to live as if nothing is happening. Don't make any effort to communicate with your own body — and it is, by the way, under no circumstances is not able to act to harm us. What makes us different from the notorious Manager? Perhaps only the scale of the disaster. And that is only at first glance — we are at one the only.

What our Manager we need to get him while he's still alive?

Right. To explore the readings and to remember what they stand for. After all, when our ancestors are able. "I've got a headache", "to gnash their teeth with rage", "tears of a lump in my throat rose," "tough it out", "stand on their shoulders", "breathe", "on the back goose," "not sparing the stomach", "from fear knees tremble", "to stand on their own feet"... It is about them — about the signals of our body.

And to understand what they mean, need to know only the law of conservation of energy. Simply put: everything in our body is solely advisable — otherwise why would you waste energy? and if something one's body will receive less, in the other it is possible not to doubt her catch up. Try to see it in the most familiar, everyday manifestations of our body.

Imagine a fallen three-year-old whose Mama absolutely convinced that well-educated children don't have to shout loudly. Hit, little man, as expected, is crying, and mom, as an angry fury, hissing: "Shut up now!" The baby is hurt, sad, and most importantly — scared: his mother now loves!

The child is not able to build a very simple conclusion: "When I freely Express their feelings, mom doesn't like me, so, we need these feelings to keep". However, if such a scene again — and she, unfortunately, is usually repeated, the child learns this lesson, at least at the level of simple reflex. And after some time, he has his rightful roar from the pain try to keep. And his tiny body to his master to help, will begin to strain, clamping his neck in order not to let out the seditious tears.

In adulthood, a former three-year-old toddler will definitely have serious difficulty in to Express the most simple and natural feelings to declare his love, to shout, to cry... Mom may be alive anymore, and its lessons, alas, are. People swallowing tears, words, shouts, resentment, stifled his anger and all this, by the way, in full accordance with the folklore. And all because of the fact that at the right moment in his throat emerges the now familiar and subtle tension, and does not provide all of the above out. Here is the law of conservation of energy. Convincing?

However, it may be different. Do you happen to have a friend of the dentist? If I have to ask — did he patients teeth, struck at the very root? It is unlikely that he will say that there are not every second, but few people remember exactly. And you personally, by the way, had after some heavy conversation when you were forced to keep silent, holding back the anger, feel the fatigue in the jaws?

Now imagine that for someone to bite the bullet and endure — a usual way of behavior, the only possible reaction to any negative emotions. Feelings are torn out, and he for some reason has decided for himself that they are not released.

That is, his head decided it it's so great to understand what is good, what is bad! And poor, trouble free body, it helps itself, by the way, harm. After all, only his head, trying to take decisions, able to harm us — without her help, the body it usually fails (remember how painfully trying Martin Eden at the end of the book to trick your body and still drown).

It might seem like just — people read these lines, all realized and wanted to try another way: "tomorrow to say what I think, I cry and shout, when I want, and spill out their aggression on others by the bucket-full". No way... At the crucial moment still or voice fail, or teeth to unclench fail, or the words in his throat stuck. You know why?


Because it is fear — whether we realize it or not — is behind the inability to Express their feelings — the fear of being rejected, misunderstood, lonely, funny, not like everyone else... Remember, by the way — "from fear knees tremble"? Moreover, the psychological meaning of this expression is closely associated with what is hidden in the saying "to stand on their own feet".

The value of the feet is evident from elementary mechanics, the foot is something that we can rely on (whatever it is — our loved ones, profession, ourselves...). What happens to us, when there's no bearing? That's right — we are scared. We lose composure.

But the man is a whole and everything that happens in our soul, inevitably gets their mirror image in the body. We, without knowing it, we begin to strain your legs and trying to get under them for more support, physically, to compensate the lack of confidence, protection, security. Hence, in the best case, the trembling of the knees, and in the worst — constant joint pain, as the doctors say, "of unknown etiology", chronic fatigue in legs and other troubles.

And here arises a most interesting question. Let's recognize people in these situations — what to do with this information?

The answer is simple: then the chief assistant — your own body. How to appeal to him for help, to be able to hear the answer, finally, this help to use is a topic of conversation with a psychologist. Not every psychologist.

It turns out that there is such a fascinating area of psychological knowledge — a body-oriented psychotherapy. And do not be afraid of the word "psychotherapy", it most often refers not to mental illness, and to the ordinary — to our — problems.

You probably found in these sayings there was something painfully familiar? And body-oriented psychotherapy, unusual, by the way, a pleasant — can open you access to the infinite resources that lie hidden in one of the most perfect creations of nature — our body, such native and — it would seem — familiar.

Interested? Of course! And want to first try it themselves? Just keep in mind — without the deepest and sincerest attention and absolute respect and confidence in your body is not worth trying. It will not work.

So you've decided? The interest and love to your own body — whatever that is — is available? Then begin.


Take for our experiment two hours — better early in the day. It is important that your thoughts in those two hours was occupied only by your body. Other problems can wait. If they do not want to wait — the experiment is put off until better times.

You are home alone, comfortably dressed — or even naked; the nothing never rubbed, not sting and not distracted. Music in this situation, you do not absolutely need. Even the phone disconnect.

The first — and perhaps most difficult: find the most comfortable position for you. Not the most familiar, and most comfortable at this moment. Try not to come up with a pose, namely to look for her body. Look for it slowly, with taste, giving your body to experience every option.

When you feel that every part of the body remains in complete comfort and doesn't want anything else — you have found the desired result. Now stay in this position for some time. Take a kind of tour — what's in your body now tense, relaxed; somewhere warm, where cool, where does hot. what areas of the body in contact with other items — clothes, floor, chair, wall, carpet, etc.; which of these touch stronger, some weaker.

Your consciousness now is just dispassionate recording device, and in your body there is nothing neither bad nor good, neither right nor wrong. It is what it is. Try the first time to treat it that way. How do you do?

You think it was the exercise? Nothing of the sort. It is that you are just saying Hello with your body, gave him tribute. You want it helped you to get to the emotions that you are still struggling trying to bury? Then we, as we remember, we should start with fear. That is, with legs.

Very slowly, continuing to observe everything that is happening in the body, stand up. Feet almost shoulder width apart, feet are parallel, knees relaxed and bent just a little. A little shook — still slow, just to feel how thin and just the muscles in your legs help you to keep balance. Because you have something to rely on, isn't it?

Now imagine at what height above the earth's surface you are. Maybe it separates you from ten floors or just a basement — it doesn't matter. Feel the floor that you rely on your feet, holds all your weight and gives you to fall down there...

Felt instantly swelled with the weight of your body at the thought of it? Take a little bit more- how are your supports? Like? This.

Now slowly get down on the floor and lie on your back. Bend your knees and firmly put them on the floor. Close your eyes and listen to your breath.


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Try to relax the lower jaw and breathing through the nose, exhale through open mouth. And in a minute make the most difficult — add to the noise of the exhale sound. Any. Fill this sound is all exhalation. Hear your voice. And continue to sound.

Maybe will not happen at once — it's natural. We can lie with words, sound does not lie. Simply will not work. Sound is our very honest expression. So first can be a little scary. Maybe not. In any case, you are risking nothing.

And when you will begin to sound natural, and you will finally get pleasure from it — experiment. Will povucite as loudly as possible — and then as quietly as possible. Taste is the lowest its sound, and then the highest, the most unpleasant and the most pleasant. And don't rush, let yourself feel each new sound, each new feeling — because now you Express yourself! published


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