Cheers to chocolate!

Unfortunately, chocolate is one of the first enemies of the female figure. But, we hasten to please you — it is not. Chocolate is quite high in calories, but acts on the body differently than other sweets. Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and the University in örebro (Sweden) managed to find out that dark chocolate, which contains at least 85% cocoa products, not only reduces the risk of diabetes, but also to those who uses it to gain weight. Unlike white and milk, this chocolate has virtually no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, and unsweetened drink made from blueberries. Due to the high content in cocoa beans of antioxidants procyanidin, chocolate "diet" is very healthy for the body.

And all because of that chocolate causes a greater sense of satiety than other desserts, and reduces appetite. After chocolate the desire to eat something sweet, salty or fatty is greatly reduced. Due to this effect, the number of calories consumed becomes less than 15%.

All this is achieved thanks to the fact that dark chocolate, no additives, less calories than lighter varieties, and enough caffeine, which activates the process of fat breakdown and reduces appetite.

Want to look younger? Eat chocolate and don't forget about cocoa: these products will help you to always look good. The skin becomes more smooth, supple and will not peel off, wrinkles will be less. In addition, the chocolate protects it from harmful UV rays and prevents the development of skin cancer.

He, too, is sweetness, which doesn't harm your teeth. Contained in dark chocolate fluoride helps to keep them strong and tannin reduces the growth of bacteria. Cocoa butter creates on the teeth thin protective film, thereby protecting them from destruction and preventing the formation of plaque and Tartar. And never mind that chocolate contains sugar: included in the cocoa antimicrobial agents neutralize the effect of sugar on tooth enamel.

But milk chocolate contains a large amount of calcium, which are good for bones and teeth.

Heart disease and blood vessels – the most common and dangerous diseases of our century. To reduce the risk of their development, it is important to maintain normal blood pressure levels. The risk of developing hypertension, a major heart attack, myocardial infarction or stroke is reduced tenfold, while consuming small amounts of chocolate for life – proven by numerous studies in the past around the world. And research specialists of the Institute of nutrition confirmed that essential oils in chocolate inhibit the deposition of cholesterol on artery walls and protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis.

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