Why do I need a thermally and chemically unprocessed Cocoa?

In the manufacture of conventional chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and other chocolate products apply heat (250 degrees) processing of cocoa beans, as well as chemical treatments with alkali, alkalinity, etc. This treatment destroys the life-giving properties of chocolate almost completely. All research chocolate companies to prove useful properties of chocolate are cocoa on the living, and the results apply to chocolate.
Buying live cocoa, you get a living product with 100% safety of vitamins and minerals. The content of active substances in the living cacao is superior to normal industrial cocoa 6-8 times. And against the bitter chocolate made by the methods of the chocolate industry, this difference increases up to 15-20 times. Despite the hype of the usual chocolate is useless, ballast product.

Who needs live Cocoa?

You who love sweets, cocoa or chocolate, but think about the state of modern food industry and looking for alternative food. You will still enjoy your favorite products from cacao (candy, chocolate, cocoa drink), but now they are 100% natural. We have recipes, we share with you ;-).

People with heart problems and blood vessels, suffering from hypertension, coronary heart disease. However, he wants to have the heart and blood vessels by 10-20 years younger than the passport age. Live cocoa — champion animal and plant species on the content of magnesium (particularly necessary for healthy cardiac activity), chromium, and other trace elements contained in it excellent for a person fantastic, bioavailable and bioactive forms.

People who have active brain-thinking. Entrepreneurs, creatives, inventors, students, students Living Cocoa shown to You!

Athletes and anyone who leads a physically active lifestyle. This will help to avoid the effect of overtraining and related heart problems.

People working in hazardous occupations, abuse tobacco, alcohol, coffee consumption. The addition of live cocoa in the diet will prevent the action of harmful factors and will fully or partially compensate for the harm done. It was also found that cocoa helps to facilitate the treatment of alcoholic and tobacco dependencies.

Residents of regions with deficiency of certain minerals in the soil, water, vegetation. Such regions in Russia is very much (almost all regions of Central Russia and the Volga region to the Urals and Siberia). The use of live cocoa would fill the deficit of magnesium, iodine, chromium, zinc and other minerals, and to get rid of excess risk of diseases of the endocrine system, kidneys, liver, heart.

Susceptible to cancer. In families where there is a history of cancers in several generations, the use of human cocoa in the same doses is vital for cancer prevention due to the great content of active antioxidants organic and inorganic nature.

Those suffering from diabetes. Softens the course of diabetes, leaving the complications that accompany diabetes, improves quality of life. All women. Prolonged use of live cacao biological age is getting younger all the passport for 5-20 years. Improves color and texture of the skin, hair, nails, sexy and attractive. This is possible because the live cocoa maintains the necessary balance of minerals and hormones throughout life, postpones menopause, relieves its flow.

Crucial content in cocoa bioflavanols, oligopeptides and other over three hundred Bioorganic substances, which are substances precursors to produce hormones and maintain their balance as magical and amazing way to quickly improve health and healing the body. The precursors are triggername (pathogens) in the biochemical reactions in the body for hormone production and other biochemical factors in the body. However, they only stimulate the production of natural hormones are not as their substitute that causes a very mild reaction.
Such substances as caffeine, and most drugs are substances that directly replace and suppress naturally produced by the body substances to improve metabolism in all cells of the body. Therefore their action is very rude and harmful to the body. After eating the effect is of short duration, they cause a painful addiction, after the expiration of a withdrawal type of withdrawal, etc. the Effect of live cocoa is that cocoa components contribute to the production of natural substances that act on cells in a natural way with high positive and therapeutic effect.

All men. By supporting the necessary levels of hormones, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins is significantly increased life expectancy and sexual activity.

How to make sure that cocoa acts?

The surest way is to try it.

Long-term practice shows that usually the following happens:
After 5 minutes after chew and eat 15 grams of live crushed (or ground) cocoa beans, improves overall health, vision, mood and concentration, there is a physical force.
From the first day of consumption of 40-50 grams (Dose of Kuna) raw cacao, the night a beautiful soft sleep from which you first time in many years, Wake up as I woke up only in childhood and adolescence happily and easily.
After a week of daily consumption of 40-50 grams of virgin raw cocoa women during menopause, due to begin to restore hormonal balance feel that health problems began to retreat. In young women normal cycle, improves mood. Men experience an elevation of mood and improve erectile function.
After a month of eating raw cocoa beans improves the complexion and overall health. You remember yourself and your body in youth, when there were no ills and ailments. The function of the heart starts to improve, the hormonal balance in the body begins to recover. Starts to affect preventive bracing effects of raw cacao from many diseases. You lose weight at least 2-2.5 kg without dieting.
In a year You look and feel younger by five or six years. I feel great, full of optimism and confidence.
After 5 years your heart 10 years younger than the passport age, no longer appears tumors, warts on the skin. Raw cacao protects You from cancer. Normalizes the work of all internal organs and provide a long and healthy life. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki



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