5 ways to prepare delicious cocoa

In winter, heat and everyone wants something sweet, cozy. Cocoa - is ideal. Especially since this drink is easy and quick to cook, and a good time is assured. And most importantly, cocoa is very helpful and gives strength.

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Cocoa with chocolate and condensed milk h3>

You will need:

500 ml milk 2 tbsp cocoa powder 20 g of dark chocolate condensed milk chocolate chips and cinnamon - to decorate Method:

1. Put the milk on the fire.

2. heat the milk to add cocoa, cinnamon and chocolate.

3. Stir whisk to avoid lumps.

4. Add the condensed milk and stir.

5. Remove from heat and pour into mugs.

6. Garnish with cinnamon or grated chocolate.

Cocoa with raspberry syrup h3>

You will need:

2 tsp Cocoa 1 tsp sugar vanilla 250 ml milk 50 ml raspberry syrup Preparation:

1. Mix the cocoa, sugar and vanilla.

2. Add milk and bring to a boil and remove from heat.

3. Add the raspberry syrup.

4. Pour into mugs of cocoa and hot drinks.

Cocoa Cream h3>

You will need:

4 tsp Cocoa 2 tsp sugar 2 tsp vanilla sugar 500 ml milk whipped cream Preparation:

1. Mix the cocoa, sugar and vanilla sugar.

2. Put the milk on the stove and bring to a boil.

3. Add boiling milk cocoa.

4. Pour into a mug of cocoa and add the whipped cream.

Orange cocoa h3>

You will need:

3 tbsp orange liqueur 4 cups milk 70 ml of water 2 tbsp Cocoa a pinch of salt 5 tbsp sugar Preparation:

1. Mix the cocoa, sugar, salt and cover with water.

2. Bring to a boil and cook for 2 minutes.

3. Add milk, stir and remove from heat.

4. Add the liqueur and stir.

5. Pour into cups.

A delicious cocoa and banana h3>

You will need:

1 banana 200 ml. Milk 50 gr. Ice Cream 2 tsp cocoa powder 1 tsp sugar Preparation:

1. Put on the fire 100 ml of milk. Add cocoa and sugar. Cook until boiling, remove from heat.

2. Whip the remaining 100 ml of milk and mix with a banana. Pour into mugs.

3. Add the ice cream cup and pour hot cocoa.

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