Cocoa butter: a miracle cure for Your beauty

Cocoa butter, cold pressed is a truly unique product. Its healing properties act on the human body from the inside (by eating) and out (when used for cosmetic purposes).

Benefits of cocoa butter?

  • essential source of polyphenols
  • the great regulator of fat metabolism in the body
  • due to the presence of magnesium, strengthens the heart muscle
  • thanks to flavanols, nourishes the brain, increasing blood flow particularly in those areas that are responsible for memory and reaction
  • thanks to epicatechin, allows you to restore blood vessels elasticity

 Cocoa butter: skin care of the face and hair
Cocoa butter — an indispensable helper in the home of cosmetology. To use it simply and naturally, and the result of the "face" will not keep long.

Cocoa butter has on the skin is extremely beneficial. Nourishing the skin with essential fatty acids and a flavonol, restores its elasticity, restores damaged skin, removes wrinkles, softens the skin. The skin is just radiant. Cocoa butter helps to eliminate stretch marks. Perfect for any skin type. Especially recommended for dry and aging skin and for delicate baby skin. Perfectly protects the skin from chapping in the cold season. Perfectly absorbed, leaving the skin grease.

Method of application:

Before you apply cocoa butter on the skin, it is necessary to prepare: to clean away makeup residue and sebum, and then apply to the skin warmed in the hand a lot. For better absorption to use the best oil in the evening.

Cocoa butter is a great way to care not only for skin but for hair. This is especially true for the conditions of modern cities with an abundance of sources of exposure to harmful substances. In contact with hair oil strengthens the structure from within, restoring hair's natural strength and Shine. Cosmetologists recommend to first melt the cacao butter in a water bath, and then gently RUB it into the hair roots.

Cocoa butter: the use of food When it is eaten cocoa butter improves the condition of blood vessels, the inner layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Raw cocoa butter has strong antioxidant properties, according to this indicator it has no competitors among the other oils.

Well, the most beautiful! Cocoa butter has a unique chocolate aroma, which is saturated with prepared with its use of chocolate and desserts.

Cocoa butter one of the main components in the manufacture of chocolate. It remains in a solid state at room temperature (22-27C), and at 32-36C – has melted, i.e. its melting point is below the normal temperature of the human body, as a result, real chocolate easily melts in your mouth. With pure cocoa butter you can prepare at home a real chocolate pleasure !


The recipe for this homemade chocolateFor preparation of delicious homemade chocolate we will need:

  • Cocoa butter – 50 grams
  • Cocoa mass is 100 grams
  • A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla pod, to taste
  • 3 tablespoons of natural sweetener: honey, grape sugar or date syrup

Method of preparation:

Use the "water bath". At the first bubbles, put a "minimal fire" and put in the top container of cocoa butter (and vanilla seeds, if available). While the butter melts, cut the cocoa mass. When the butter has melted completely, stir and add cocoa, add the cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir the mass until dissolved, then add the sweetener. Again all mix taken from "bath" and pour in a prepared cake tins. Molds need to put on the tray and be sure to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate. Immediately after pouring in the molds in the chocolate, it is appropriate to add fillers to Your taste: nuts, raisins, dried berries, candied fruit, Goji berry, etc.


If the cocoa butter to add cashew milk and some dried fruit (white raisins, light apricot, mulberry) or sweet herb stevia, then we would get a real white chocolate.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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