Here is how to distinguish natural cocoa powder from a surrogate: always use this trick!

< Cocoa is called the drink of the gods on the right for its ability to bestow peace and wisdom to raise spirits and replenish the source of inner strength. Olmec Indians of Central America, were the first to prepare the flavored drink of dark brown color, and gave it a name - «kakawa»

The Indians rubbed cocoa , mixed them with water and spices, and for added nutritional cornmeal. A drink, a thick and rather bitter taste. Europeans, who were introduced to a new product thanks to Columbus, began to add sugar, milk, cream ...

Natural kakaoKakoy to recipe cocoa you may prefer to have, it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of cocoa powder: it is only a quality product will benefit the body.

Scientists have discovered that cocoa improves blood antioxidant levels, stabilizes blood pressure and heart rate, eases painful cough, prevents the development of caries and, of course, raises the mood.

quality cocoa powder
On the stack should be the mark that cocoa nealkalizirovannoe, that is not subjected to a chemical process for improving the color and enhance flavor, which negates all use of the product. Alkalized (the prepared) powder is cheaper, but is suitable for confectionery products. The soluble cocoa drinks have nothing to do with natural cocoa. They even think it rip On the label as the mass fraction of fat must be indicated -. 15%, which indicates the presence of oil, the most valuable component of the beans

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Quality cocoa powder has a rich color, deep chocolate flavor and bitter taste. The structure of the powder should be uniform: similar to the powder, without lumps and pellets. Distinguish quality cocoa can be by the simple expedient: if you rub the powder between the toes, it is not osypetsya completely, and leave on the skin zhirnovat brown patina. Unfortunately, this trick may be done only after the purchase ...

Experienced the miraculous qualities of this wonderful drink. Brew a cup of goodies - not blink of an eye, as the supply of energy and power, and the world will find the bright colors!

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