"About anything not regret"

Never nothing to regret after,
If that happens, you can not change.
As a note from the past, their sadness crumpling,
With this last tear the fragile thread.

Do not feel sorry about what happened.
Or that can not happen already.
If only the lake of your soul is not mutilos
Yes, hope, birds, hovering in the shower.

Do not regret his kindness and sympathy.
Even if all of you - a smile in response.
Someone in the genius pulls someone in authority ...
Do not regret that you did not get their troubles.

Never, never nothing to regret -
Too late to start or you left early.
Someone let brilliantly plays the flute.
But it takes the song of your soul.

Never, never nothing to regret -
Neither lost days, nor burnt of love.
Let other brilliantly plays the flute,
But even more brilliant you are listening to.


Author: Andrei Dementyev

via adme.ru


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