He works with famous writers

And do you know who have worked famous writers before they became popular?

George Orwell - an officer of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. Responsible for the safety of 20,000 people.
Jerome Salinger - animator on Swedish pyatizvedochnom sea cruise liner.
Robert Frost - newsboy, assistant teacher, master changing light bulbs in the factory.

William Burroughs - exterminator (he liked and work, and the word itself - so he called his collection of short stories).

James Joyce (in the period of work on the "Dubliners") singing and playing the piano (22 attempts to get a job - so he had to sing really like to be).

Vladimir Nabokov - entomologist. His theory of evolution butterflies received additional confirmation after published in 2011, analyzes the DNA of insects.

Margaret Atwood - cashier and waitress at Toronto coffee shop; experience that caused her deep psychological trauma.

Douglas Adams - male nurse at the hospital, selhozstroitel cleaner chicken coops, the guard at the hotel and the family bodyguard oil tycoon from Qatar.

Don DeLillo - parking attendant. The work was boring, so he read a lot - and then he became a writer.

Haruki Murakami - the seller in a record store. Then, together with his wife, opened a coffee shop and a jazz bar in Tokyo Peter Cat.

John Grisham - nurse, plant waterer (payment - dollar per hour). Then he was promoted - he became engaged garden hedges (half a dollar for a raise). Grisham then realized that "the work is not too promising" - and served in a plumbers.

Stephen King - Switzerland.

Herman Melville - cabin boy on a cruise ship. Made one trip - from New York to Liverpool.

Kurt Vonnegut - Manager Saab dealership in Massachusetts. Also worked in the PR-department at General Electric and a member of the fire brigade in Alplause.

Everyone knows that Jack London was himself one of the Klondike gold miners, but few people know that before he worked at the cannery, and then illegally procured oysters for subsequent sales of the latter. Scow it is called Razzle-Dazzle.

John Steinbeck led tours of the hatchery - and thus met his future wife. Then for a long time he worked as a storekeeper in stock.

Jack Kerouac - tanker, cotton pickers, guardian, conductor in electric, dishwasher, builder, sailor.

Joseph Heller - journeyman blacksmith, courier, clerk.

Joseph Conrad - illicit arms trade and professional involvement in illegal political activities.

Harper Lee - Manager of ticket sales to Eastern Airlines.


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