Warming the soul of wisdom in a simple poem

The rain fell in torrents.
I opened the gate
And I saw in the yard
Snail silly.

I tell her: - Look,
You're moknesh in a puddle.
And she told me the inside:
- It's on the outside ...

A spring inside me,
Day is wonderful! -
She answered me
From shells close.

I said: - darkness everywhere,
No escape from the cold!
And she answered: - Trifle.
It's on the outside ...

And inside me comfort:
Rose blooms,
Birds sing wonderful,
And shining dragonflies!

- Well, sit down with myself! -
I said with a smile.
And just with a funny
Silly Snail.

Rain ended long ago,
Sun - on half the world ...
And deep inside me,
It's cold and damp.

Author: Andrey Usachev

Photos in the preview: Vyacheslav Mishchenko

"About anything not regret┬╗

"If you want an important - let the importance┬╗

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