How much food you need to eat at a time

Journal of science Guard Your Health published a number of studies which show that in recent years has become a problem of overeating to gain momentum. At the same time, to lose weight, does not necessarily sit on a rigid diet and eat some broccoli - just limit itself to the amount of food.

Website sharing with you a simple method that you have to wean large portions.

5 principles of "manual" diet

Handful of two clasped hands - this is the amount of vegetables you want to eat for the day. The front of the fist - daily intake of carbohydrates (rice, other cereals, pasta, bread). The open palm without fingers shows what you need to eat a piece of meat a day. Fist by volume equal to the amount of fruit that you need to eat per day to maintain good health. The upper phalanx of the index finger - the amount of butter and animal fat, which can be eaten in a day without harm to the figures. Use this knowledge is very simple. It is enough to remember the look of the daily portion of food and divide it into three parts - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can continue to eat whatever you want, and still lose weight - just reduce the portions which are used to eat at a time.



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