We explain on the fingers: how much food you need to eat at a time. Yes, it's better than any diet!

To lose weight, do not necessarily restrict yourself severely and give up some favorite foods! The secret of a healthy diet - in the number of food , which you eat at a time

. Science Guard Your Health magazine has published a number of studies which show that in recent overeating problem began to gain momentum. We offer you a simple method to permanently wean you have large portions!

How many grams of food you need to eat for raz

5 Principles manual diets
A handful of two folded hands - the amount of vegetables that should be eaten per day The front of the fist -. daily intake of carbohydrates (rice, other cereals, pasta, bread) Open palm excluding. finger shows a piece of meat should be eaten per day clenched fist in volume corresponds to the amount of fruit that you need to eat per day to maintain good health the upper phalanx of the index finger -.. it the amount of butter and animal fats that can be eaten in a day without harm to the figures.

Using this knowledge is very simple. It is enough to remember what it looks like daily serving of food , and divide it into three parts - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can continue to eat whatever you want, and still lose weight - just reduce the portion that used to eat at a time. This is useful not only for the preservation of the body in good shape and get rid of excess body fat!

This principle Power has a positive effect on health. After all, when the body does not need to deal with digesting excess food, we look younger on the eyes!

Be sure to try it yourself and share with your friends this scientific approach to nutrition, it is precisely in handy!


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