That's why I keep a piece of chalk in a box with cutlery! These 14 amazing tricks ...

Normal chalk - a priceless treasure, if you know how to use it properly. < Pieces of chalk can be found in different parts of my house: it is a very practical material

. Having hidden properties chalk , you are sure to vospolzueshsya them! Each of these ideas deserve attention. Especially useful to know about white-collar!

How to use chalk
Mel against oily stains
Fresh grease stain will disappear quickly if to rub it with chalk and leave for 10 minutes. You can then wash the item in the usual way.

whitening collar
Before washing sodium collar chalk. This will keep any tissue and prevent the emergence of a snow-white yellow!

spots on suede shoes
Grease stains of unknown origin at such a delicate material like suede, very simply removed using chalk. Slightly sodium chalk shoes and leave it overnight. The next morning the stain will disappear!

The smell in the laundry basket
A piece of chalk in a basket of dirty laundry will absorb any excess moisture and odors. To order in the basket is important to change the chalk for a new once a month.

For shiny cutlery
Put a piece of chalk in a box with cutlery. This will help keep their wonderful shine for a long time - chalk protect silver and cupro-nickel from moisture.

To preserve the decorations
A piece of chalk would be relevant in a box with ornaments - no favorite thing not fade!

neat clothes
For in the locker room is always pleasant smell, put there a few brusochkov chalk. The best remedy against the stuffiness!

If you need to move furniture
Mark your chalk the place where the furniture is now, and then move it. This will help to reorganize the space as efficiently as possible, taking into account every detail.

rust protection
In the tool box just need to put a little chalk! This will protect important items from rust.

Spots on the ceiling and walls
Scratches, dents, stains and stains on the walls and ceiling can be masked by using chalk.

Against ants
Ants hate lines, drawn by chalk. Mark your trouble spots with chalk, and ants over there do not appear.

Nail Whitening
Mel perfectly whitens the inner surface of the nail. Use a brush to clean the chalk nails.

If the key stuck in the lock
Sodium key chalk, if he struggled in the lock. Mel will absorb excess moisture and dirt inside the castle, and it will work again properly! If you rub the chalk hat screw, screwdriver will not slide.

Color chalk their hands
You can give your chalk color and form, mixing it with water and food coloring. Then simply place the mixture into a shaped mold and let harden.

Now you know that chalk - not just a means of drawing on the blackboard, and the sidewalk. Tell your friends about these sharp-witted decisions, it will be interesting!


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