"Do what you must," or "What I do not want to be in 50 years'

Many of you may have attended a seditious thought "and even if I do, what should be?". On the right you the way? Are you expend the allotted time on the planet on the dates and meaningful things? Whether it is worth doing what you do? How to find my purpose and do not regret the wasted years? Allow yourself to surrender to the same philosophy to once again reflect on their mission.

, The title problem, I'm attending a generation of talented people. And why must the talented? Even if just those who ever wants something to achieve in life. Just specify this text I write for more than a week everlasting impression of the article «You and your work» .
Yes, indeed, I would like to be remembered for the work that I do. But are we always do what we want? How to spend your time with the maximum benefit? Treatises on project management dazzle slogans about the need to improve the efficiency of labor and other "rubbish" (all of course realize that it is not nonsense, but are afraid to say it out loud). The effectiveness - is the external (objective) manifestation, the result divided by the cost of its achievement. And what about the human subjective assessment of their work? What if subjective costs and subjective results do not coincide with the external evaluations done by man to work with other people. And there may be skewed as in the one or in the other direction. For example, some gurus may find its costs negligible, making really something incredible in terms of the other. Or on the contrary, an employee who does not have outstanding abilities, making something unbelievable (from his own point of view) and really overpower something yourself, leaped above his head, maybe not received very high marks of others simply lose motivation and desire to do anything further. I am sure that there are ways to avoid this, ie to reach a state in which you simultaneously as efficient as the inner (subjective) and externally (objective) perspective.

Self-motivation h5> Here I would like to discuss how the private (subjective) evaluation of the importance and usefulness of work performed by a specific person, it affects the (self) motivation. All of us are engaged in various projects. Each of us has a personal opinion about the actual usefulness of these projects for other people. I'm sure many of you would prefer to work on the project that they subjectively evaluated as more useful and important for humanity, perhaps even for less important project paid more (possible holivar on this topic). I do not mean that over some important projects to work for free, I only mean that the real utility of the project from the point of view of the party - it's a very, very serious motivator, perhaps even more serious than financial reward. This idea was further strengthened in my head on a background search of a new employee to participate in one of our projects. The specifics of this project is that the new employee is quite difficult to immerse in the project to realize its real usefulness and significance level for other people, but in fact they are very high in terms of both already involved in the project people, and from the point of view of customers ( Consumer end-product). I think the problem faced by many managers, as advantageously present the project to the applicant in the case of complex or specific projects - quite a challenge. In this case, increase the level of intrinsic motivation new employee becomes very difficult for a manager if the initial level of interest among employees is not enough.
So how do you make each day was completed with absolute certainty that you made the most of what could? I believe that this will first need to concentrate on two things: 1) that you do (what is your job) and 2) for someone you do it.

What are you doing? H5> If a person knows the answer to this question, it means that the internal targets agreed with the external. In this context, the local internal goals, I mean what everyone personally wants to achieve, and under external - is what results from people waiting for Other We would like to appeal to all: do first what you like and that is consistent with your internal goals, because only in this way can be made to do great things. Do something that you do not like, from a desire to achieve only the external ("foreign") targets can sometimes be effective in terms of design and evaluation of other people the results of your work, but it is unlikely it can last a long time (without a high level of self-motivation you just burn out or lazy), this work will not bring you satisfaction in the long run. I was horrified to look at the mood of many in the IT-industry, expressed in lean persons, inflated self-esteem and statements such as "do something, until satisfied with the salary, if that'll go somewhere else." With such the mood created global corporations? Such an attitude was whether the engineers who design the next model Boeing'a, designers, depicting the contours of the new Lamborghini, in electronics, is developing a new processor Intel? Just think: in the world every day, a huge number of people creates incredible things! Why do not you want to be among them? You really are willing to spend their lives, their abilities, their inner "spark" in vain, for the sake of [often imaginary] reliability, lanyard, stability, full confidence in the future? Are you ready to take a risk and do something incredible right now? What stands in your way? Doubt and uncertainty in their own abilities, unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone - all these imaginary obstacles, you only have to change only my point of view, to get rid of them.

Returning to the age of 50 years at the outset. It would seem that being here 50? I think that 50 years - the age when too late to start self-realization. At least some achievements need to achieve before. Speaking unvarnished 50 years - this is the age when many more forces, and use them to look too late. Late to learn a new profession, too late to change the attitude towards life. 50 makes sense to look at what has been done, to comprehend it and move on, but hardly "fifty" - this is a good time for start the way (though all of this - a topic for another holivara, unnecessarily . Readers may lead counterexamples when and in 50 years, people have found themselves, with nothing achieved at an earlier age). Imagine a software developer who is 50 years old, and who wants to get a new job. To win the competition, among other, younger applicants, it must have incredible quality, have very rich experience in various fields, to be a guru of some modern technology with the skills of the architect or manager, as all else being equal, preference will be given to certain more young candidates. Think about it.

Concentration on purpose h5> Let's say you have decided that you will or do now has are doing. Found any area of ​​activity. But what if you're still not sure this is really a matter of your life? Here, many fall into the trap of doubt. Without a clear confidence in achieving many give up, do not get to go all out, they are constantly rushing around trying to catch it for one thing, then another. I think to really do something, make sure that you can understand, it was worth it at all to do this, you need to forget all the doubts and concentrate on the fact, that just doing their job, doing their best, do what you must. Many candidates for a job in response to the question "what goals you want to achieve by working with us, what do you have plans for the next 5 years?" Respond with doubt "Work well and see how it goes." For me, this is not the option that I wanted to hear. The correct answer for me would be "I will do my best to get more experience and do their work quality; If I show that this class does not suit me, I immediately say about it, so we do not waste each other's time. " No need to curry favor to anyone. Tell me frankly (yourself and others): I'll do just what I like and I will do it at the limit of their abilities. If there is something you do not like tell about it, for example, your manager, and it is desirable arguments.
Please do not waste your life, your time, to engage in things that you do not like or that you think is not important: in 50 years, you just regret the fact that they occupy. On the contrary, finding the work to which you belong to the soul, to make every effort to make it good. Here I would like to return to the second important point: "For whom are you doing this?".

To whom are you doing this? H5> When the above I called to do so categorically just what you like, you might have thought that I call to work "just for yourself", to achieve their own goals. But the work - an activity aimed at meeting the needs of the Other people (© Wikipedia). You can not do a good job, not caring about the interests and goals of others. Doing something, always think of those for whom you do it. It is important to always and as often as possible to get feedback: Is what you are doing is important and necessary to others, whether they receive from you the result you wanted? Those who watched the TV series & quot; Silicon Valley & quot; (Pretty stupid, but containing in some grotesque form of truth), probably remember a situation where part of the employees of the company «Hooli» (in Russian did not write, because it turns out like a swear word) remained on the job and receive money, but the real work for them at the same time was not in and they were forced to sit back on what really suffered psychologically. Do not allow such a situation, you can fall into the trap of this imaginary comfort ("from me now no one wants, so I did everything I could, and that was"). This situation will quickly lead to your personal degradation. Instead, always think "what else can I do?". Think for example about what you will tell if you suddenly find yourself on a job interview in Google or Microsoft.

To the above may seem simple stream of consciousness, will outline the main ideas that I was trying to convey:
1) Find the courage to do something according to your internal goals, forgetting for a while on the outside. Find yourself. Locate the area in which you like and which you will be able to express themselves. Do not do that to which the soul does not lie. Stock up enough knowledge to make the first move. Throw away all doubts and make it. There is a risk, but it is justified.
2) If you decide to do something, do it as well as possible, to its limits. Divide your time to work ("work") and the rest. Do not be materialistic and do not feel sorry for yourself, this approach will pay off handsomely. If the task requires more time, get it. Petty questions about whether it would be paid for this time, whether you get the prize for being "worked more than 8 hours" are inferior to the case that you do. The fact that job is done because you give him a little more of your time on the order of magnitude more important. When you're focused on business which you like, you can no longer buy because You decide where your efforts within the app, what is the level of quality of work you do that you yourself were not then ashamed of yourself for what you did. If your approach is "how much I paid, so I work" just throw this job and go do something else. If you feel that you can work on at least 5% better than you work - shift work. Find your limit.
3) Always get feedback on their work from other people. Do not be afraid that regard, whatever it was - positive or negative. Always use it for their further achievements, considering it only as a motivator. You said you did a "piece of shit" - well, now you know how not to do next time, ie, do not spend your strength in vain. Contact Us - The only way to figure out where to go, where to direct their development.

Regarding delivered in the title question, in 50 years I do not want be:
a) a person working without clear personal goals
b) a person who performs a job that pays well, and not one that likes
c) the person is not sure that the previous years of his life were spent with the greatest possible dedication.
Anticipating questions in the comments, I am now 29 years old, I do what should try as much as possible and follow the approach described in the article. Perhaps I, like many, could work better. How this can be achieved propose to discuss in the comments, and for that I raised this topic.

And you are sure that it is doing what should? The accompanying you to that maximum effort? If not, what's stopping you? Are you still looking for yourself? 50 years is not far off, let's get busy already! Good luck to all and to self-realization. How do you feel about the case, which is performed on the job?
I like it and I do my best to make it a good It is not pleasant to me, but I still made every effort to do it well I like it, but I do not work at full strength (might work better) It is me do not like and why I do not want to work on it better His version (describe in comments) Only registered users can participate in survey. Sign , please. 441 people voted. 84 people abstained. You are ready to start work so that in 50 years not regret the time spent? already works that way I would like to work this way, but the will and self-discipline is not enough < I would like to work this way, but do not know where to start realize that I spend my time effectively, ready to act My destiny procrastination. Do not waste life on the same job, because one time live His version (specify in comments) Only registered users can participate in survey. Sign , please. 424 people have voted. 99 people abstained.

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