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East - a delicate matter. This is reflected in everything: lifestyle, mentality, culture and spiritual values. Website has collected 15 examples of Eastern wisdom, ancient pearls and expensive as a diamond.

Word, uprooted from the heart, gets straight to the heart, and slipped off the tongue - does not go beyond the ears. Spend powerful - he may lose power; Spend rich - he can become a poor man; Take and scientist - he perish among the ignorant. Anyone who deals with astrology, mired in heresy; one who is engaged in alchemy, mired in poverty; and the one who is engaged in jurisprudence, mired in lies. Word withheld thee - thy servant; word wrest from you - is your host. < Death - is an arrow shot at you, and life - a moment that it will reach to you. For those who are able to blush, it can not be a black heart. The victory over the weak is like a defeat. The greatest misfortune - need the help of people worthy of our contempt. Always look at things from the bright side, if there are none - to rub the dark until they shine. can no longer be happy than unhappy to bring happiness. The happiness that you are looking for, like a shadow that goes along with you, and you will not catch her, chasing her, flee from it - it's chasing you. Few know how much it is necessary to know in order to know how little we know. Appetite comes with the first piece, and the quarrel - with the first word. Good is a concern, because of which we subsequently finds peace. You can not hit two targets with one arrow. Hereby Others believe the person who removes the stones and thorns from the path of yours. From the book "Wonderful necklace" Ibn Abd Rabbihi
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