10 heavenly places where inexpensive to start a new life

If the work does not tie you to a place, there is no difference where to live. More precisely, there - you can choose a place to taste, climatic and aesthetic preferences.

In some corners of the earth is truly heavenly little attention wishing to settle, but in vain. Website know, the main thing - to want.

Avarua, the island Kuka

Formally, these islands - part of New Zealand, but that they are of the archipelago in 2008 kilometers to the northeast. Local tropical beaches are not inferior to the Maldives or the Seychelles, that's just a house here can be removed for $ 130 a month.

Locals - Polynesian natives, and they are not spoiled by tourists. In the year here comes no more than 100 thousand foreigners. For comparison: Hawaii attract 8 million visitors a year.

What can I do? Whale watching, hiking, enjoy the incredible scenery.

So what's the catch? Foreigners can not buy property on the island. But it can take for rent for 60 years. To become a full citizen, have lived here for several years to obtain special permission from the authorities.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Respublika

This fabulous town is in the Czech province of Bohemia. The whole city is like a huge medieval castle. All the streets are paved in it. It regularly hosts trade fairs in the style of the Renaissance, as well as unmatched Rose Festival. Three-course dinner for two year-round costs $ 20, and the apartment can be rented for $ 400 a month. And yet there is the river Vltava - the ideal place for rafting.

Only catch is that for a normal life here will have at least a little brush up Czech.

By Ton Sai, Kambodzha

It is a small island in the south of Cambodia. This paradise of the jungle and beaches. There is almost no one lives there, except for a few fishing families. So finding a suitable bungalow here will be for ridiculous money.

On the island, you can relax on the beach or exploring local caves in the jungle. For $ 5 local fishermen directly in front of you to cook a delicious dinner of crab caught by them. And any other seafood here are $ 1-2.

What's the catch? It's not a clean beach island, where you will be days on end lying under an umbrella. Wild local beach sometimes "decorate" pack of stray dogs and other forest dwellers. Just right for those who want to be away from civilization.

Guanajuato, Meksika

Right in the middle of Mexico is the cultural development of the city of Guanajuato. Excellent apartment here can be rented for $ 150-200 per month, a glass of beer in a bar costs less than $ 1 a ticket to the movies - a measly $ 3.

About his experience of life here, Ray Bradbury wrote a story "next in line". It also runs a well-known arts festival called Cervantino. He was named in honor of the author of the novel Don Quixote.

Pearl Islands, Panama

30 km west of the mainland of Panama is an amazing archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Once it extracted a huge amount of pearls. There was a time when there were hiding from the authorities of the most powerful pirates. Now this place - great haven for local resorts.

Remove the cottage by the sea can be as little as $ 300 a month. Pearl Islands are ideal for a self-imposed exile.

By the way, here shot three seasons of the series "Lost." So the place in terms of scenic beauty - one of the most impressive in the world.

Beaches Agonda, Goa Indiya

The southern part of the coast of Goa - a place where an elephant ride on the beach. A bottle of wine can be purchased here for $ 0, 5, get a haircut - for $ 0, 6, and remove the shack on the beach - for $ 120 a month. Seriously, what else do you need?

This part of Goa is quite deserted, and the locals are not spoiled by tourists as in other parts of the Indian coast. And Agonda almost no hippies with their goofy plastic glasses. But there are a large number of temples and places for yoga.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bolgariya

This place is located in the valley of the same river in the northern part of the country. City - one of the most comfortable on the Bulgarian Riviera. It is as beautiful as in France, but a bottle of beer costs $ 0, 80. The population - a total of 200 thousand. Man.

Interestingly, Veliko Tarnovo have seen the ups and downs of at least half a dozen of world empires. And here you can rent an apartment for only $ 200 a month. The only drawback - relatively poorly developed infrastructure.

Ho Coc Beach Vetnam

South-Eastern coast of Vietnam is famous for the fact that there are 11 thousand. Hectares of rainforest. And this is perhaps the best place in Asia for diving and spearfishing: it takes a huge barrier reef. And even on the weekends in these places free of tourists.

Therefore, you can find a house for $ 150-200 per month. True, there will have to live in close contact with the locals. Prepare to be that they will share the beach place with you.

CCAY Beach Albaniya

The southern tip of Albania - the perfect place for a quiet life. Next - a small town and the National Park of Butrint. Climate - Mediterranean, local products - olive oil and tangerines. In contrast to neighboring Greece, Italy or Croatia are very cheap: beer costs 90 cents per bottle, housing - $ 100-120 per month.

Eat seafood (here sell 30 kinds of fish, the average cost of food in the cafe - $ 6), drink cheap wine ($ 6 for a bottle), ride a catamaran and hope that the tourists here in five years, no longer will.

Las Trankas, Chili

Here are some of the best mountain slopes of South America. Andes after all. Skiing is possible throughout the year, and rental housing will cost only $ 300 per month. Rich tourists live on the slopes of the mountains, and experienced - in the villages at the foot of them.

Only one problem: in these places almost always winter. But somebody loves her, right?

Author: Konstantin Shiyan
Photo source on preview: travels-journal

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