10 unbelievably cheap paradises where you can start a new life

More and more people earn money online. This means that they do not have to live in dirty, noisy, cold and overly expensive Metropolitan areas.

If your job is to be a day to sit at the computer, then you likely no longer need to live and work where you have achieved some success.

Moscow — a suffocating atmosphere in Kiev is now unsafe in new York or London — very expensive. The perfect place to live usually are where they're not looking.


Here are ten paradises on Earth that are perfect in order to start a new life. A life in which you will work online and to rest in an incredibly beautiful and intimate setting.

1. Avarua, cook Islands

Technically the Islands were part of New Zealand, but in the archipelago they are in 2008 km to the North-East. Local tropical beaches are not inferior to the Maldives or Seychelles, only the housing can be removed for $130 per month.

The locals are Polynesian natives, and they are not spoiled by tourists. After year it attracts more than 100 thousand foreigners. For comparison, Hawaii, a popular year 8 million tourists.

What can I do? Whale watching, Hiking, enjoy the incredible scenery.

So what's the catch? Foreigners cannot buy property on the island. But I can take it on lease for 60 years. To become a full citizen of this planet, have to live here for several years and to obtain a special permit from the authorities.

2. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

This picturesque small town is located in the Czech province of Bohemia. The whole city as one huge medieval castle. All the streets in it are paved. It regularly hosts trade fairs in the style of the era of the Renaissance, and the beautiful rose Festival. The three-course meal for two here all year costs $20, and the apartment can be rented for $400 per month. And yet there is the river Vltava — the perfect Playground for the lovers of rafting.

The only snag is that for a normal life here have at least a little to learn some Czech.

3. Koh Tonsai, Cambodia

It is a small island in southern Cambodia. A Paradise of jungles and beaches. Almost nobody lives, except for a few fishing families. So to find a suitable Bungalow could be for ridiculous money.

Here you can relax on the beach or explore a local cave in the jungle. For five bucks from the local fishermen right in front of you will prepare a delicious dinner they caught a crab. And any other seafood here are a dollar or two.

What's the catch? Well, it's not "children's" clean beach of the island, where you will be a day long to lie under the umbrella. The local beach is wild sometimes adorn the packs of wild dogs or other creatures of the forest. But only here you can feel how far you are from civilization.

4. Guanajuato, Mexico

Right in the middle of Mexico is a classy, culturally developed city of Guanajuato. An apartment here can cost you $150-200 a month, a glass of beer at the bar costs less than $1 and a movie ticket is a measly $3.

About your experience of life here ray Bradbury wrote the story "Next in line". Here also is held the famous arts festival called Cervantino. It was named after the author of the novel about don Quixote.

5. Pearl Islands, Panama

30 kilometers West of mainland Panama lies an amazing archipelago in the Pacific ocean. Once they extracted a huge amount of pearls. There was a time when there was hiding from the authorities of the most powerful pirates. Now this place is a sanctuary of magnificent resorts for locals.

Rent a house on the seafront here for as little as $300 per month. Ideal for self-imposed exile.

By the way, is where they filmed three seasons of the TV series "lost". So designated from the perspective of the stunning landscapes are among the most impressive on the planet.

6. The Beaches Are Agonda, Goa, India

The southern part of coast, Goa is a place which allows elephant rides on the beach. A bottle of wine you can buy for $0,5, Patricia — $0,6, and to remove the shack on the beach — for $120 per month. Seriously, what more do you want?

This part of Goa is fairly deserted, and the locals are not so spoiled by tourists like in other parts of the Indian coast. In Agonda there are almost no hippies with their stupid plastic glasses. But there is a large number of temples and places to yoga.

7. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

This place is located in the valley of the same river in the Northern part of Bulgaria. This is the best Riviera on the Black sea coast. Here is as beautiful, as in France, but the bottle beer is only $0,80. The population is only 200 thousand people.

Interestingly, this town has seen UPS and downs at least a half-dozen world empires. And the apartment is here you can withdraw only $200 per month. Only drawback is the relatively poor infrastructure.

8. Ho COC Beach In Vietnam

The South-Eastern coast of Vietnam is famous for the fact that there is 11 thousand hectares of tropical forest. And this is hardly the best place in Asia for diving and spearfishing: there is a huge barrier reef. And here free of tourists even on weekends.

Therefore, housing here can be found for $150-200 a month. However, to live here in close contact with the locals. Get ready for what they will be sharing beach space with you.

9. Ksamil Beach, Albania

The southern extremity of Albania is the ideal place for a quiet life. Nearby is a small town and Butrint national Park. The climate is Mediterranean, local products — olive oil and mandarins. In contrast to neighboring Greece, Italy or even Croatia, it is very cheap: a beer costs 90 cents per bottle, housing — $100-120 per month.

Eat seafood (they sell 30 kinds of fish, the average cost of a meal in a café $6), drink cheap wine ($6 per bottle), ride on catamarans and find something that the tourists here in five years more will not.

10. Las Trancas, Chile

Here are some of the best slopes in South America. The Andes, after all. To ski here all year round, and rent will cost $300 per month. Rich tourists live on the slopes of the mountains, and experienced in the villages at their base.

But the problem is that there is almost always winter. But someone loves her, right?

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


Source: lifter.com.ua/10-neveroyatno-deshevih-rayskih-mest-gde-mogno-nachat-novuyu-gizn#4689


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