QBEAK, the electric car with a reserve of 300 kilometers and promising 800

In the minds of most people, an electric vehicle is such a vehicle which can drive on one full battery charge only a small distance. However, given new technical developments, these views can be considered as outdated and misinformed. 've already planned mass production of the QBEAK electric car, with a cruising range of 300 kilometers.

Different engineers and producers of vehicles in different approaches of increasing the number of kilometers that can pass electric car without recharging. For example, the authors of technology EVER offered to integrate the charging system directly into the highway that the car could get the power directly while riding. But the developers of the electric vehicle QBEAK has created technology that allows him to drive up to 300 miles at a time.

This is achieved due to the fact that the battery in QBEAK is modular. It consists of slots (a maximum of six pieces) that can be added or removed, depending on for what purpose you need the electric car at the moment. Each of these modules can hold up to 4.7 kWh of electricity, which, being multiplied by six, allows to reach the target of 28.2. This energy is enough for the specified electric vehicle could travel 300 kilometers.

But such a high rate of reserve is achieved not only due to the modular battery, but thanks to lightweight but durable components, which will created the chassis of the QBEAK electric car and its body.

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