Little known Denza: 400 km course from the market leaders

There are many companies that manufacture electric cars, sometimes even unique products! Denza is one of them: premium minivan sedan with a range of 300-400 km, which was created by Mercedes and BYD. Interested?

History Denza began in 2010 with the signing of the agreement, Daimler (Mercedes) and BYD jointly on the establishment of a JV to manufacture electric cars (full name sounds like "the Joint venture BYD Daimler New Technology"). A year later – in 2011 – was announced as the first plans of the joint project, the total investment amounted to approximately € 300 million. A year later – in 2012 – was a registered trademark Denza and shows the first eponymous concept car, which was a mid-size minivan with hinged doors.

Further, in early 2013, was presented pre-production version of the Denza electric car, and by the end of this year – was ready to plant and Assembly line. Finally, with the beginning of 2014 and started large-scale production of the electric car Denza.

Well as "widespread"... So, a couple of thousand copies. Originally planned to sell 40 thousand of Denza electric vehicles per year, but the real figures were much lower for full year 2015 was able to realize only about 3 thousand cars. In General, for all the time of the issue since the beginning of 2014 to mid 2016 – managed to produce and sell about 6 thousand electric Denza. The main reason for the weak popularity, this price: for the Denza electric car is about $60 thousand And even with the help of government subsidies, the final price for the buyer can be put in $41-46 thousand, but still a lot! Where such a price tag?

And here begins the pros Denza. First, based on the electric vehicle chassis from Mercedes b-class last generation. Interestingly, this chassis originally created by floor layered ("sandwich"), which helped with the placement of the battery. Secondly, the electric car Denza is also designed as a minivan, its interior is very roomy even in spite of the average size (the size of 4.62 x 1.85 x 1.64 m; wheelbase of 2.88 m; trunk volume is 470 liters). Incidentally, it is interesting that when viewed from the side we see the the minivan, but when you look back Denza is reminiscent of the sedan.

Third plus – competent and comprehensive technical study of the electric vehicle. In addition to chassis In the class, one of the interesting highlights in the design of the Denza is worth noting lithium iron phosphate battery. It seems that this battery of 47.5 kWh (reserve about 300 km) and was the main "investment" by the company BYD, which is strong in the production of batteries. The rest of the equipment was familiar, the electric motor 86 kW (117 HP) and 290 Nm, with a maximum of 150 km/h; "fast charging" for 0.5-1 hour.

However, what is unusual in Denza – electric car equipment. So, in the basic version already included 8-inch touchscreen display for multimedia, 18-inch wheels, leather interior. Option – adaptive xenons, sound system harman/kardon, up to 8 airbags. In short, a very niche product: expensive but high quality electric minivan-sedan of unknown make, but claiming to be "premium".

It is clear that such positioning is impossible to conquer the mass market. However, the two companies behind Denza, do not despair and with the prospect of looking to the future. For example, in August 2016, the world saw a new version of the electric vehicle – Denza 400. Index of the name hints at a range – 400 km, more than just a Tesla!

But not without tricks. So, reserve Denza 400 according to the NEDC measuring cycle is 352 km; that means, the more stringent U.S. cycle of measurement, you can count on 250-300 km But if you drive on the highway at a speed of 60 km/h something out of 473 km (information from manufacturer). The truth is somewhere in the middle: about 400 km. To achieve such a result had to install increased battery 62 kWh. But it was not all technical changes August 2016...

Now gamma Denza 400 consists of 3 versions, where first two are content with the same engine, but the new ultimate version – AURORA – got the electric motor of 135 kW (184 HP) and 300 Nm. With it overclocking "from 0 to 100 km/h" takes about 10 seconds vs 14 seconds baselines and Denza Denza 400.

The electric car Denza – established market leaders, with an impressive range and a good bundle, but with uncertain positioning and high price. The issue of electric cars continues, and who knows – perhaps we will see Denza in Ukraine. Then, at least visitors to this site will know what it is about. published




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