How to stay positive in difficult situations?

Sometimes we have to go through some unpleasant situation. Maybe people say something bad about us or say no, or be rude.

And, although it's difficult, but you need to stay positive in any situation. You should choose the method that will help you to keep calm and sane:
1. If you are quiet, no need to answer. If you are not sure what quiet, nobody say anything.
2. You will help a deep breath, as a first step to calm.
3. Keep your voice soft, to reduce the severity of the situation.
4. We must remember that in any unpleasant situation has its opportunities.

5. Look at what you say other people, as something necessary that will help you become better.
6. Information, which carries only the negative, ignore.
7. Keep a positive view of man.
8. We need to realize that your negative emotions hurts you, not the offender.
9. If you make a mistake, confess it openly.
10. We must remember that the one who makes mistakes, is worthy of more respect than one who does nothing.

11. Read a book, listen to music, do something that brings your life with positive attitude.
12. Talk with a friend who supports you.
13. Use favorite quotes that can come across you on reflection.
14. Treat bad situations as training your stamina in real life.
15. You need to remember that you may not like everything and everyone to be understood.

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