The most venomous fish in the world

The most poisonous fish in the world — borodavchenko. You can see it around the South of the tropic of Capricorn, in the Indian and Pacific oceans, many seas, and it can be found near Indonesia, the Marshall and Philippine Islands.

Length borodavchatke — 20-40 centimeters. About the color, it can vary from dark brown to light green, which helps fish to camouflage among the reefs. The fish has a large head, small eyes and mouth, directed to the top. The entire body surface is covered with tubercles and ridges. The dorsal fin has 13 spines thick, which is strong poison. If borodavchenko something not to their liking, it immediately raises its sharp spines up, which can easily puncture the foot of man. If the injection is deep, you need to immediately enter the antidote. In another case, a person can die within a few hours. But even if the wound is shallow, the full treatment can last several months.

As scientists say, the pain from the venom can be so strong that often people want to cut off your own limb. If the poison has released a little, you can use a hot compress or treat the wound in any anesthetic. But these measures will only help to reduce the pain, so you still need to seek medical help.
Feed on shrimp, crustaceans and small fish. By the way, it is often found in Japanese restaurants — they say meat is very tasty.

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