Solar Voice headset, which should not be charged

The popularity of wireless headsets for mobile phones grows daily, but this growth is hampered by one disadvantage – you have to charge the headset, and sometimes to change the batteries.


A new device from iTech Dynamic, which is called the SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth Headset without such a drawback due to the use in the design of the built-in solar panel providing continuous charging of the headset.
SolarVoice weighs 14 grams and provides the charging of the headset during the ingress of sunlight on the solar panel. To charging was complete will need close to 15 hours, after which the device can be used for talk time up to 5 hours. With SolarVoice still available charger with USB port, in case you are not able to charge the headset from sunlight. Home sales SolarVoice plan on 10th September with a cost of $72.


Everyone thinks that this device will not remain without attention of the society, as the use of alternative energy sources have been in Vogue, especially in developed countries.


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