How to make biodiesel at home?

Anyone ever cook fried food, wondered what to do with used vegetable oil, especially if its a lot? Of course, it is impossible to cool and fry again. The drain will not pour out – it can lead ultimately to contamination, to remove which it would be difficult, as it compromises the quality of water supply.
The best place to drain the used oil is... the nearest restaurant.

In new York a large number of eateries to pay 40 cents per gallon in order to work out the oil left after frying French fries, mozzarella or chicken wings.
Large quantities of used vegetable oil, such as soybean, peanut and rapeseed. They can be recycled into fuel, which then is used for school buses or to heat the house. Biofuels can also be used as a fuel for diesel generators, and the thick grease from recycled oil, which is used by some companies, demand is increasing dramatically.

One of the few companies involved in the collection and processing of vegetable oil is Grease Lightning.
Two-year-old company, which consists of 50 employees and 10 trucks, can process about seven million gallons (26 500 m3) of oil annually, serving approximately 400 restaurants and fast food chains in new Jersey and new York. They also cooperate with the municipalities of new Jersey, Newark and Hoboken, which support processing of the oil.

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