It became known as the Europeans are doing the best motor oil out of sugar

Currently, the group explores different approaches to this technology with two main goals: reducing production costs and finding the most sustainable approaches, particularly those that avoid competition with food crops.

Today biofuel is produced from sugar beet, sugar cane, grain, wood waste, rapeseed, sunflower seed, algae, and other sources. Therefore, the majority of biofuels are made from plant sugars, so one of the key challenges the industry is to avoid competition with food crops.

Today discusses options for non-edible plants with a very high sugar content. Since the studies require a wide range of technical and scientific capacity, Total signed a number of international partnership agreements with universities and private laboratories, and became a shareholder in innovative start-UPS. These are lab-like JBEI, Amyris, Futurol, Gevo, Futerro, AlgaePARC.

Since June 2010, Total became a shareholder of a leading industrial company Amyris with a share of about 18% at the end of 2013. Established in 2003, the American company Amyris has developed an innovative technology to convert sugar to build molecules for fuels and chemicals. Team Total and Amyris are working on joint research programs, whose primary purpose is to develop new technologies for production of biofuels and raw materials for ecochimica.

As is known, the biomass is about 10% of global energy consumption and is currently used ineffective, mostly for heating and cooking. It is the only renewable source that can act as alternative transport fuels such as biodiesel, bioethanol and biofuel for jet engines, lubricants, and also for molecules and the building blocks used in chemical industry for production of solvents and polymers. Today, biodiesel mainly consists of methyl esters of vegetable oil fatty acids, which have different properties compared to conventional diesel fuel, limiting its energy production by 7%.

Production of raw materials is a main issue for conversion processes of biomass, which features members of the energy group Total. In the end processing of materials gives the opportunity to establish production of products such as bioethanol, a fuel additive and lubricants, aviation fuel, biodiesel, lubricants and plastics, consumption of which is growing every year.

To ensure sustainable development, Total is actively exploring the issue of the use of application made – the inedible parts of plants to make biofuels more environmentally friendly and affordable.

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