Meet Bluetooth 5.0 - 4 times faster and 2 times more

Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG announced a new version of the standard. The company listened to marketers, and probably going to simplify called Bluetooth version 5 without the usual point. It is interesting that the new version will provide four times faster communication, and action range will be doubled compared to Bluetooth 4.2. Another important update is associated with the function of broadcast packets the connection is established (advertising packet): Bluetooth-devices will be able to send enlarged fragments of information gadgets with which they are associated.

Bluetooth technology began to develop in 1994 as a wireless replacement of the RS-232 cables. It was Ericsson, the Swedish company and the roots have influenced the name and logo: BlueTooth comes from the name of Harald I Sinezubov and logo consists of two Scandinavian runes "haglaz" and "Berkana". The Danish king received this honor because of his second nickname - "Combiner»

. Bluetooth is used to transmit data between personal computers and peripheral devices, game consoles and joysticks, between phones and headsets, headphones, smart devices. Using Bluetooth has meant that now in Russia there is a whole generation of people who remember how in school they transfer music and pictures from phone to phone.

The technology is tied to the use of radio waves at ISM-band (Industry, Science and Medicine), it uses free range from licensing 2, 4-2, 4835 GHz, and in it the method of spread-spectrum frequency hopping (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, FHSS ). Due to the pseudo-random sequence of switching between frequencies can operate multiple devices next to each other without interference.

The first version of Bluetooth 1.0 was ready in 1998, but the problem was the poor compatibility between products from different manufacturers. Version 1.1 has corrected a number of errors and has received an indication of the received signal power. The problem with compatibility has decided to standardize Bluetooth 1.2 version of the IEEE working group. Speed ​​version 2.0, released in 2004, reached 2, 1 Mbit / s due to the acceleration of technology transfer data Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), and the base rate was 1.1 Mbit / s. In 2007, 2.1 can request the device to filter characteristics when paired and save battery. Bluetooth 3.0 with HS technology in 2009 could in theory be dispersed up to 24 Mbit / s.

Ericsson T39 - the first phone to support Bluetooth, 2000

Until recently, the best version is Bluetooth 4.2. Many portable devices without the support of this version of the smartphone just will not work. In place of the 4.2 comes Bluetooth 5. ArsTechnica citing an executive director of the Bluetooth SIG Mark Powell says that the speed of the new standard, compared with the 4.2 increase 4 times the radius of action - twice, and will "significantly more opportunities for broadcast packets. " At the time of writing the letter itself was not available. Already in version 4.2 such packets have a size of 47 bytes, 31 of which are available for recording data. It is not known how much longer they will be in the new version.

The ability to transmit packets undefined recipients without setting compounds are widely used so-called "beacons" - tiny transmitters that periodically transmit broadcast packets, which can contain information about the location, replacing the GPS system inside buildings, advertising and other tied to a local location data, such as information about the exhibits of the exhibition.

Perhaps the first device with Bluetooth 5.0 will be 2017 at the beginning of the year. Increased speed and efficiency in the use of new gadgets for "smart home" and wearable devices.



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