How to do self-massage of the face?

To start the self-massage of the face from the top part, and then gradually fall to the chin and neck. Massage movements should be light and cautious. The first thing to do is to relax the person strokes the massage lines. Circular movements of the fingers from the chin up cheeks forehead you will improve blood circulation.

The movement should be slow and superficial. Running his fingers eyes. The next area is the nasolabial folds, they should be paid special attention. Do a light tingling from the bottom up thumb and forefinger, and then also from the bottom up make a light vibrating motion. To relieve from our body fat cheekbones, you need the thumbs of both hands, rotated the pads up, push the points in this region. This movement will help to fix muscles and hold them in the correct position.

Stroking the back side of your hand on the cheekbones and the fingers on the cheeks pomassirovti face from mid chin to the earlobes. Beat fingers all over the face from the bottom up. Strokes pomassirovti neck and neck, smoothly passing the strokes around the face that will final the relaxing massage movement.


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