How to choose safe comb?

First, do not injure the delicate skin of the head. The teeth of a comb of high quality should be similar to needle the hedgehog. The tip of the clove should be polished, beveled, but not sharp, because otherwise they will scratch the skin. Now all make perfect in this regard, the combs each tip of the "kink" like dripped something solid, and formed of a static oval is cropped sharp the thorn. The shape of the tooth of this comb is similar to a match head.

Second, pay attention to the distance between the teeth. If it is small, dense, thick hair you will pull out of this comb. Before you buy the comb first look at yourself in the mirror. Lift the hair up. If, instead of hair you have, as they say, "three hairs", or polylysine, then go comb with frequent teeth, through which rare thin hairs will easy to slip. But if the hair big, then you need to choose a comb with a few teeth.

Thirdly, choose the material. What do combs now! And made of metal, plastic, and wood, and even, say, ivory! The price for the latest up to several hundred dollars. If the elephants go, you can buy a simple wooden comb.

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