Pick comb individually, depending on the purpose and type of hair. Well combed hair brushes with natural bristles long solid rubber-based, combs made of natural wood.

Do not use combs, whose surface is poorly polished - it hurts your hair and scalp, facilitates dissection of hair at the ends.

Brushes with bristles frequent facilitate the process of combing, untangle the hair.

Comb hair combs recommended, brushes and combs made of natural materials. Using plastic combs can cause irritation of the head. Also plastic combs electrify hair.

Correct comb hair combs necessary, with rounded teeth at the beginning and a few teeth on the ends. Rare teeth to protect your hair from damage.
For brushing and massage thick hair suit a wide rectangular brush with frequent teeth.

Thick and long hair should be combed with blunt-toothed comb teeth strands, with the end of the hair.

Brush for long hair have special openings that facilitate the access of oxygen to the skin and allow to dry hair faster.

For combing dry and damaged hair recommend oval brush with wooden teeth. Their tips well scalp massage and cause blood flow to the head, improving circulation.

Tight and styling short hair round brush is recommended. To avoid damaging the hair, they should be brushed in the sequence.

Short and sparse hair comb better brush whose bristles irritate the skin, causes an increase in blood flow, enhancing the surface vessels.

For wavy hair perfect quality plastic comb with a few teeth.


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