Nowadays, women's bodies become too available for men, and they have no reason to perform feats in the name of the Fair Lady, since instead of Beautiful Lady they see available to women immediately offer a "good person" and, unfortunately, all the other parts of the body too.

That is why the scriptures advise women to wisely use his charm, the beauty of women as equal to the powerful weapon which you can use or to exalt man or degrade.

Sublime consciousness of men is that men respect women, takes responsibility for it, protect and provide for his family, raising children, he is faithful and devoted to his wife. Is not this the husband wants to most women? And yet, from ignorance, they expose their beautiful body, showing slender legs and curvy breasts, they behave the way that men starts to get quite the opposite, consumer consciousness. How can you respect a woman who does not respect herself and openly shows all the beauty howl, thus wasting their feminine power? How can I take responsibility for that which does not consider you "authority" itself all "knows better»?
Attract a man bodily advantages - the simplest and most primitive way. But every woman possesses many qualities that make a demonstration of the body is excessive, it is necessary only to be able to see them in ourselves and develop for the benefit of myself and all the people around them.

I wish every woman to become a beautiful ladylove worthy knight!


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