1. He thinks his masculinity depends on the prevalence of women.

2. He feels his strength, subordinating women.

3. His emotional security depends on how it is managed by women.

4. He wants to be sure that women are weaker than him.

5. It manages women, destroying their self-confidence.

6. It is in vain criticizes women and making derogatory comments about women in general.

7. He intimidates women finding their mistakes.

8. He has publicly insulted women and devalues ​​their opinions.

9. He said the dispute with women or about women battle to be won.
10. He blames women for their own mistakes and shortcomings.

11. He blames women in acrimony when they take him out of balance.

12. He ignores or belittles the achievements of women.

13. He denies her feelings and exposes her incapable of such feelings.

14. He considers it beneath his dignity, sarcastic towards her, making fun of her, or angry.

15. It is hostile, aggressive, arrogant, or cruel to her.

16. He wants to punish women when they cause its dissatisfaction.

17. He has no remorse, no guilt for the pain it causes in women.

18. It is in trouble over women and reflects on them.

19. It forces women to do what they are capable of doing.

20. He selectively quoted authoritative sources to prove their position.

P.S. Misogyny - a mental disorder that requires treatment


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