13 qualities in a woman that attracts men like a magnet

What is feminine attractiveness? And why is it often less pretty girls basking in the attention of men, while their perfect girlfriend are alone?The website has compiled a list of attractive qualities in women that attract men.


Who feels his own attractiveness, he becomes attractive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A woman firmly confident in its beauty, will be able in the end to convince others of it.

Sophia Loren

A woman who has confidence in his irresistibility, the world agrees. Even the ugly ones, were grateful to receive yourself much more attractive beauties experiencing because of a small pimple. Confident woman will never be himself publicly to criticize. She exudes a vibe of confidence and sexiness, and men want such women.

Femininity and tenderness

To be beautiful is easy; it is difficult just to look beautiful.

Frank O'hara

Strong gender preference for feminine girls that let a man be a man. To Woo women, care for her, to help her feel big and strong is his work and pleasure. But it is important not to overreact: the imaginary helplessness of men annoying.


Beauty is the promise of happiness.

Nietzsche, F.

Kindness, ability to care, to admire and to forgive is distinguished by a beautiful woman from a beautiful doll. The woman, noticing good looking at the world with kind eyes, empathy and love, that attracts people. Men interested in long-term relationships, are looking for in a partner is warmth.


Sex appeal is 50 percent consists of what you do have, and 50 percent of what you have, in the opinion of other people.

Sophia Loren

If a woman is not beautiful — it is just stupid.

Coco Chanel

Purposeful women is more interest in the sterner sex than passive person, not capable of independent action. Attractive woman knows what she wants, and never spends time looking for the fault. She is mistress of her destiny, so close with such a woman to be nice and comfortable.

The ability to live in the here and now

The proposition that beauty is something superficial — there is a superficial judgment.

Spencer G.

The ability to live in the here and now, be present in life, to enjoy every day — these qualities operate on men, as the strongest magnet. All nice society women taking itself for what it is, and grateful world. The optimism, the lack of habit of all to condemn, and complain — people with these qualities radiate internal light.

The ability to present itself

The most important thing in women's clothes — the woman who wears it.

Yves Saint Laurent

A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.

Coco Chanel

Well-groomed, neat, tastefully dressed woman, who knows your strengths and knows how to accentuate the dignity — has fascinated. And the man won't notice if she dressed fashionably, but sitting clothing is a is marks. Women in clothing that flatter curves, watching the look.


The Kingdom of women — a Kingdom of tenderness, subtlety and tolerance.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Thrift, it is a shame to hear some ladies, one of the most endearing qualities. Men appreciate women who are able to keep clean and cook. Creating around itself a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness. This woman is the epitome of peace and quiet domestic happiness.


Really happy woman is able to bring to mind many men — and certainly every other woman.

John Irving

Men don't like women who get annoyed at people and always dissatisfied with everything, who believe that someone is obliged to provide them with a happy life. The ability to be happy, to appreciate people around me, to see the positive — to the possessor of such a bright inner spirit people are invariably drawn.

A glowing interest in his eyes

Women only have one chance to be beautiful, but to be attractive there are a hundred thousand possibilities.


The interest that a woman shows to her chosen, captures the mind and heart of men. Natural and sincere sympathy is able to attract almost anyone. Attractive woman not afraid of their desires and not shy to tell the man exactly what she wants — either in the restaurant or in bed.

The ability to communicate

That is, in the end, the gloss? Simply tact, thanks to which sow, when nobody sees you, and hit you when you're in plain sight.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

Men like open, sociable, interesting interlocutor, but not posing as a know-it-all. An attractive woman is witty, clever but never. She listens to what the man says, allow him to feel creative, resourceful, strong. And near the kind of woman he will want to be.


There are no ugly women, only women do not know how to be beautiful.

Jean de La Bruyere

Gestures attractive women smooth and graceful. She has perfect posture and an amazing gait. In her movements to be seen how well it applies to itself. A feature of her walk, swaying hips — men find hypnotically beautiful.


Attractive makes us a good mood.

Yefim Spiegel

A smiling woman with a sense of humor attract more men than gloomy and eternally dissatisfied ladies. A smile is not only a cheerful disposition, but also a sign of energy and vitality. In the joy shining from the eyes of an attractive woman a man sees the promise of pleasure.

Naturalness and sincerity

Women attractiveness is strong only then, when it is natural and spontaneous.

Marilyn Monroe

Any pretense repels. An attractive woman is natural, open and free of complexes. Men are drawn to sincere.Really attractive women tend to be rather than to seem.

Undoubtedly, holders of these qualities that attract men. But perhaps the most important (and accessible to every woman) quality — the ability to be yourself, to be natural. Because only this will attract the one man who needs the real you.

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