Psychosomatics: diseases of the female organs

At any gynecological examination, women's clinic, a hospital and medical school will tell you that the illness of female organs arise from the action of pathogenic microorganisms, developing due to lower immunity, or hormonal disorders arising in the background, such as stressful situations.
< br> But there is a word you do not hear about the true, the real causes of women's issues. Just look into his own soul, one can understand the body language to solve, finally, that he wants to tell you the next inflammation and heal on their own, without the help of medication and antibiotics.

Let's look at the major diseases of the female organs such as the uterus, ovaries and mammary glands.

Uterus - the most gentle and the vulnerability of women. Therefore, whenever we are offended, angry, irritable, and experiencing other negative emotions, especially for men, the first to suffer the uterus, absorbing all the negative, the pain, the dirt in the thoughts and feelings. The main diseases of the uterus - is malignant and benign tumors (fibroids, fibroids), multiple polyps (endometriosis), cervical erosion

. Tumors - it is always a grudge against men, since his father, ending with her husband. So if you have a benign tumor of the uterus, which means that you are a good man, a good (from the word benign tumors), but can not forgive! Resentment on the opposite sex, to life, fate has long been sitting inside you, is accumulated and multiplied, forming into a tumor.

Fibroids - a type of benign tumor, it says that you hate some person in every fiber of his soul. Therefore, if you do not forgive him and wish him happiness of the soul, there is a possibility that the fibroid can develop into a malignant tumor. If you already have a malignant tumor, then your offense is constantly fueled by evil, malevolent thoughts, anger, perhaps even a desire for revenge.

This disease of the female organs as polyps - not that other, as unshed tears of self-pity. You just offended at the men, but very sorry for yourself, do not understand what you do and why you all so unlucky. To happened recovery from illness, you need to forgive those whom you harbored resentment and take responsibility for their lives. You yourself attracted to it such men and such events, so it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Cervical erosion - wounded female vanity. This is the first stage of future offenses on men! Once erosion was found in 90% of women in the future appeared benign tumors, which had 30% of women with time became cancerous. This trend is one of those women who have not been able to forgive, accumulating even more resentment and negative emotions that have not worked during their grievances. Therefore, if on examination you found such diseases of female organs as cervical erosion or polyps, do not rush to burn them, as advised by modern medicine. Do not drive the disease deeper into the body, and deep resentment of his soul! Just forgive those who take offense at, and the disease will take.

Breast - a place in the body, which represents a manifestation of the maternal instinct, care, control and education. Mother through her breast feeds the baby, taking care of him, and if you have problems with the breasts, then you are experiencing excessive attachment to her child, and possibly her husband. The desire of all the care, all the control and fear for his family violates the harmony in your soul and manifests itself in the form of diseases of the female organs as mastitis, breast, mammary tumors. Stop control everything, you will not only smother native his care, but then lie down on the operating table. Your husband - a man and he is able to make the right decisions, and the child is born into this world in order to learn from their mistakes and to get their own experience! When you understand this, and to change, and change the results of your tests for diagnosis.

TESTES reflect a woman's ability to create. Since they operate in a woman's body has two functions - hormonal and reproductive, and their condition shows how a woman is ready to realize myself as a mother and to disclose their femininity. Ovarian Diseases suggest that you do not use your creativity, do not believe in yourself, be afraid of a bad mother. As long as you think that you are not able to do what you want and what is intended, you will have to torment the presence of cysts and ovarian tumors, as well as a variety of inflammation, called salpingitis in medicine and adnexitis.

Dear women, diseases of the female organs - not a sentence! And learn one of the diagnoses listed above, do not need to panic and fear that it will lead to infertility! The main thing - to work on yourself, to forgive, to become softer and more feminine, and then you will not only healthy, but also happy

! Author: Julia Kravchenko


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