How to legalize illegal construction in Ukraine?

City apartments, private homes and summer cottages. Human nature always makes to improve, develop and engage in accomplishment of their own homes. Almost every city dweller dreams to reschedule the apartment, or to build a country house on a country site.

The issue of illegal construction rather topical in Ukraine. Unauthorized or illegal construction redevelopment possible, but with time, it is necessary to legalize all. Lawyers Help would be relevant in this regard. See offer possible here:, legal support offered to businesses and individuals. This is a real opportunity to legalize illegally built by the objects.

Offer to legitimize

Any property on the territory of Ukraine should have a complete technical documentation, which corresponds exactly to the building. If the buildings were made without the necessary documents, they automatically fall into the category of illegal. By law, such construction to be demolished.

To avoid potential problems and complications, it is desirable as completed construction before you can legislate. Ignoring this issue could lead to a decision of the judiciary on the complete demolition of the object. Of course, the developer never ready to accept the worst-case scenario.

The proposal to legalize the illegal construction provides full preparation of technical documentation and the legalization of the illegal construction.

The advantage of service

Legalizing illegal construction, the owner receives the full legal right to use the object. In this case met all the rights of ownership and further exploitation of the object of sale or donation.

The solution to all the issues assumes Consulting Solutions Center "PROMOTION". The center will help to prepare the necessary documents, as well as, transfer of finished documents to government agencies for technical documentation and the legalization of the illegal construction of the package.


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