Remove the magnet from clothes

I wonder how many people after this post explode in any supermarket? :) But okay, joking aside. WARNING from the author:

Warning! The information below is intended only for use in "legal" purposes - to remove magnetic tags purchased from your clothes if you forget to remove the tag in the store where you bought the clothes. The author assumes no responsibility for how you use that knowledge. I can only warn you against the temptation to remove the magnetic label with unpaid clothes and from trying to make it out of the store - in normal stores running security service, which goes around the room in plain clothes and indistinguishable from customers, as well as establishing hidden cameras, including possible and in the dressing room.

Read the instructions below!

To remove the tag need a very strong magnet. In everyday life, the most powerful magnets used in hard disk drives. Jagged wheels can be bought from BUshnikov at radio for the price of 50-100 Rublev.

The magnet itself is glued and primagnichen to your site - it is necessary to tear off - to drive a thin blade between the magnet and the plate - it is necessary to apply a force.

However, the magnet from one hard drive is not enough - a little weak, I think - you need 4-5 pieces. In my case I was lucky - I had a hard antique, which was 2 magnets that were bigger and stronger than usual. By the way, with the magnet should be careful - floppy disks, plastic cards, small electronics - could easily die from such neighborhood

So, take the thing


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