Repair of the washing machine samsung

Flowed washing machine, master I did not want to call and decided to fix it by yourself. Maybe someone will come in handy. 20 photo manual disassembly

unscrew two bolts behind the machine

then the two screws under the tray for powder

then lifting the rear of the top panel, remove it from under the front panel. The front panel to move up and rotate forward to disconnect the wires

disconnect connectors, not forgetting the snap on them

with connectors 1 and 2 need to make an effort to remove them

lay off to the side panel and unscrew the bolts that hold the "face" of the machine - the top three ...


and three below (sorry for the quality)



gently tilting the gum from the bottom we see a spring clamp, remove it

and then remove the screwdriver to remove the rubber band hooked rubber

remove the "face" of remembering to turn off the terminal shut. (pictured muzzle has been removed for clarity)


My problem was that leaking pipe that's

remove the upper part of the pipe clamp having wrung

the lower part is inserted into the tank and glued, apparently the manufacturer has saved on the glue and it melted water (as a result of pipe can be removed without effort). smear glue tube and the hole in the tank and insert it back.
To be safe, I still missed a few layers of the abutment

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I have all

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guitar combos until you come across



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