The perfect closet: 15 practical tips

All of us certainly need to have a strong strategic reserve of clothing, shoes and accessories. But, you see, and place all of this too, somewhere. Even the smallest closet or if you are lucky, the closet you can organize with the mind: the basic idea is to use all available space and also save some space using small tricks. This article will give you some useful ideas to furnish your store clothes.

1. General cleaning

Start with the most difficult: decide to get rid of the unnecessary clothes. Divide all your possessions into three categories: to keep, to clean until next season, to get rid of (throw optional — you can donate to a charitable organization). In the latter category submit things that you haven't worn for over a year. Remember: according to statistics, people regularly wear just 20% of their clothes.

2. Seasonal items

Remove not the right season clothes in a "long" box (as an option in the bag) where it will lie quietly until her time. These temporary storage locations for clothing, of course, it is better to keep outside the wardrobe.

3. Sorting clothes

Devise a system of storing clothes — this will help to quickly find things. Two basic ways to organize clothes by color and type (one drawer for shirts, one for skirts, etc.). Decide what clothes must be hung on hangers and which can be stored folded. Put things into a not too big stack, with more thick clothes underneath.

4. Hanger

When choosing among the many hangers, it is preferable to use wooden: they best retain the shape of the garment and deodorize it. But to save space it is better to use a special narrow plastic hangers — they are suitable for clothes made of light fabrics. Remember that the same racking — the key to a neat appearance of the Cabinet.

By the way, the number of hangers you can determine when it's time to arrange the next General cleaning: if there are no remaining — think about it.

5. The door

The door of the wardrobe or dressing room, from both sides, can be utilized by placing it on a hanger for scarves, belts, gloves. Here also can't go wrong with wall shelves, located one above the other, or pockets for shoes.

6. Shoes

Shoes should be stored separately from clothes so the zipper of the boots and shoes will not cling to fabric. Stand-slim — compact and roomy option for storing shoes. Fit also racks with several shelves. Positioning the pair in the compartments better toed in opposite directions — so the couple will take up less space.

7. High heel shoes, high heel Shoes can be stored in such an original way: attach narrow the rail to a free wall Cabinet, or even to the inside of the door, and grab are for this support heel.

8. Socks and stockings

Wire boxes with variable number and size of compartments (that is, they can be made quite narrow) suitable for small size of things: socks, hosiery, underwear. Another option is a hanging Shoe pockets. Put the pairs together (one sock to another), so they are not lost.

9. Ties

Ties should hang close to the wall, the hanger will take up very little space. By the way, this hanger is perfect for keeping scarves in order. Another compact option for a tie rotating round hanger.

10. All in the mind

Things should settle down so that you don't have to rummage through them. Everything should be visible — that is, you'll be able to get the desired object. Thus, try to place the things you wear most often in the foreground. On the upper shelves place clothes for special occasions, which is infrequently in demand.


11. Bags and scarves

On curtain rings in the bathroom you can hang bags and keep them in a lot of stuff that it does not accumulate on the floor and not take up shelf space. The same ring will be indispensable for collectors of scarves: they are all your scarves can be placed on one hanger so that need to be easy to find.

12. Transparent drawers

Transparent containers and boxes will help you not only organize the clothes (for example, in one container put clothes of a certain color), but quickly find everything you need pereryva a ton of stuff and immediately opening the desired compartment. But if the box is large, and within it to better organize the sorting compartments.


13. Internal atmosphere

Lighting inside the Cabinet — not just a stylish whim, but a necessity. To save space use the built-in wall or ceiling light fixtures. You can also use a special air freshener for closets, to keep fresh the scent of the clothes.

14. Additional hangers

You don't need to call the masters to it using a drill and other manipulations will give you an additional rack hanger. Convenient and modern solution — a bar, clinging to the top shelf by using thin rods. It is suitable for storage short clothes.

15. Digital assistants

It would be strange if in this age of high technology people come up with applications for the organization of wardrobe. And they are! Stylebook (about 160 rubles from the iTunes Store) and Stylicious (free in Google Play) is a virtual dressing rooms that will help to track how often you wear a particular garment, and advise how best to arrange things in your closet.

If you can't wait to do the rearrangement of the dressing room, it's time to download the app Houzz. Here you will find a huge collection of original fotoda and advice of professionals. More pleasant — it can be downloaded in the iTunes Store and Google Play absolutely free.





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