10 evidence that being an introvert is a daily feat. And not one

Finland can be called a country of introverts. And Finns are the first to laugh at themselves. Comics Finnish artist Caroline Korhonen vividly will talk about situations that turn into daily nightmares.

Website sure: introverts around the world are now together and sighed. And smiled!

When you want to leave the apartment but in the hallway, your neighbor

When I am praised

When you want a free sample, but not willing to talk with the seller

When sitting next otkazivaetsa on space, and you begin to wonder what is wrong with you

When the bus is "full"

When you tell the seller that do not need help, but really she could use

When you are very hungry, but no one wants to take food first

When the weather is nasty, but the only shelter occupied

When you have a question, but you don't want to attract attention

When the stop button in public transport does not work, and you have to shout to the driver to stop

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