17 things to whom can't stand no man

Women's sexuality is something elusive, but terribly simple. It is inherent in us from birth, but some women are not sure that he knows how to use it.

We Site I remembered some techniques that can easily apply any woman and to whom men just can't resist.

When a girl lightly bites her lip

A similar gesture is seen in children: from excitement or fear, they bite my lip, which adds a kind of poignancy. A man will experience to your tenderness, and on the other hand, your lips will get his attention.

Smooth skin

There is nothing more sexy than a woman with smooth skin. No wonder to remove body hair began women of ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Rome.

Strict hairstyle

First, that hair, the image becomes more business, which gives it a certain piquancy. Second, there are ears and neck, usually covered by hair.

A striking image

As soon as a man sees a girl who stands out from the crowd, he wants to get to know with her closer. After all, all attract the creative personality. And her tattoos, or colored hair be a great topic to start the conversation.

When a girl walks in his shirt

Putting on his clothes, the girl seems to say: "I want your shirt was closest to my body." And the man realizes she has in mind not only the shirt, but to himself.

A glance over the shoulder

A mysterious glance over the shoulder has a special magic, no wonder on the posters since the middle of last century adorn the girls who look at us that way.


When the room is a woman who knows what she's irresistible, it immediately attracted the attention of men. But it is important that confidence turned into arrogance, because nothing is more repulsive.

Open shoulders

The fact that the rounded, sloping shoulders cause a strong sex desire to hug and protect. And neck, opening the shoulders, adds to the girl of fragility and sexuality.

The possession of a beautiful gait on heels

Someone from women no fan of heels, and someone without them can not imagine. But if a girl decides to wear studs, she needs to be sure that its gait is smooth and beautiful, otherwise all the magic heels will be ruined.

Sexy voice

Men are bewildered by enveloping a high-pitched voice with a gasp similar to the one that had Marilyn Monroe. Her contemporaries said that he acted on men is not worse than viagra.

Plump lips

In that full, bright lips — one of the most famous symbols of female attractiveness. Only you don't need to put lips in a tubule — most likely this gesture will only spoil the appearance.


Elegance carries the perfect balance: she does not put female sexuality on display, but hides it. It applies to all women, ranging from manners to stick to the selection of accessories.

Sport leggins

The shirt attracts attention to the female silhouette. But the more organic they look in the gym or for a run and not in the store. Here you have another reason to do fitness.


They are very feminine, evoke associations with childhood and many go, but, unfortunately, girls often try to get rid of them, considering their disadvantage.

Natural makeup

The stronger sex like natural beauty instead of the layers of conillera and blush. They say that happy to see us without make-up, and may we know that our face is a thin layer of BB cream and lashes are covered with mascara, but keep it a secret.


Glasses give the image a certain rigor and inaccessibility that attracts men like a magnet. Besides, this accessory can be flirtatious play, fingering in his hands. And the look over the glasses...

Laughter and sincere smile

Many girls are afraid that if they smile on your face, it will only spoil their appearance. In fact it is not all men like women who show emotions openly and directly.

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