20 qualities that should be at YOUR PARTNER IN MARRIAGE

List qualities that should characterize your future partner in marriage

At the moment, we have the young and independent no clear definition and vision of how to look our future partner. But we already have some sketches of what qualities he must possess.

Today, girls are not the same requirement for the partner, which had as a child to a "prince on a white horse." List every year growing up and points were added. And it is inherent not only to us, remember the case of Rihanna when her friends have made for her a list of qualities which should be a partner, and handed it to her after their breakup with Chris Brown ... at that time it was already their second break.

Of course making the list very strange lesson, but I still give it time. Here is a list of 20 qualities that should be inherent in your future partner in marriage:

1. He must believe in what you believe in and
No matter whether you believe in the devil or other mythical characters, your partner should respect your views and your outlook. The main thing to believe in the same thing together. For example, it is important to understand that if coffee is a morning ritual for you, then it will become a tradition, and for him to do something together and to realize that this only gets you closer to each other ... that's to aspire to.

2. He shall teach you something new
Joint life can become boring and become boring if you are not awake to teach each other something new. This can be in the narrowest sense of the cooking class how to make chocolate chip cookies with a filling, which, incidentally, may even be very useful in life, and even develop into a habit. Or something more substantial, such as how to eat with chopsticks and become an expert in this. As for me, a person must be pretty knowledgeable in political matters that he could, for example, I briefly describe the political situation in the country. Let's also not forget that feeling when you learn something new just indescribable. And always nice to learn something new.

3. I can trust him
If you are always in control of his / her calls, verifies the sms, what a plus in such a relationship? No confidence in this case. Once you start you just spying and any smska will be an occasion for a quarrel, and trust will end.

The conclusion is simple: if you start to dig a grave, make sure you will find there the body with all its consequences, in the form of bones and terrible stench.

4. You have to appreciate what you have each other
Each pair takes time for hanging out. Just make sure what you mean by "hanging out" coincides with what he thinks about your partner. However, go out, deal with mutual friends are always interesting, but we should not forget about that moment when your partner simply presses you to her in the night. Sometimes, the most exciting moment are those moments when you enjoy the presence of your loved one nearby, look into his eyes ... and no one else in the world does not need.

5. You're getting better with him
We want to see a number of people that make us better, which develop in us only the good quality and feel. The main thing to pull himself together, to adequately assess the situation and ask yourself, "Does my loved one better than me?».

6. You need to understand each other's sense of humor
I'm not talking about co-browsing "laugh comic" or «Comedy Club». I say that you must capture the essence of a joke together, or just to understand each other perfectly. Sometimes they simply look and your partner will understand you, and half an hour of laughter software. You do not need to explain anything to each other, you understand each other perfectly. And this is all the buzz.

7. Never put limits
In no case can not allow your partner to put restrictions or the more ultimatums. For example, the phrase "I'm not going out with you while you chat with your friends" or "As long as you do not do this, you do not get here is" in no case should not be present in adequate ways. The main rule is always be yourself, and no one can forbid you this. You are who you are.

Guys can not prohibit the woman wearing short top in a bar or cafe (especially when she flattered by the fact that he is jealous of her). Just as it can not prohibit him from playing video games before bedtime (but as long as it does not remove all my clothes, of course).

8. You must be able to compromise
The ability to compromise - is the cornerstone of any relationship. By the way, we have been taught since kindergarten. Do you think I like to listen to all the bards or other non-standard kinds of music for me? Of course not, but I still go to these concerts and listen to this music. Do you think he likes to watch soap operas or Indian movies? - No, but they look the same. I buy popcorn and begin viewing. And he was there.

9. We need to respect each other's family
Note, I'm not saying that you need to you like his or her family. Although it clearly would be superfluous. By the way, this also applies to friendship.

11. It is necessary to know when to stop communicating with other people
If your partner is inadequate in dealing with other people, then you have only two outputs:

A. Becoming a professional nurse


B. maintain it throughout. And to go through it all with him (this point is dedicating her future hubby)

Drink and nightly gatherings with Jameson, cries until dawn loudly at the bar - all of this can become a stumbling block in your relationship. Remember cruelty ... Chris Brown Rihanna did not tolerate.

12. Love each other's shortcomings
Frankly, I do not like wearing pants. If you do not like it, then we are unlikely to be together. The man whom you choose its partner, must not only appreciate your positive aspects, but also to respect the limitations. It sounds trite, but your dignity and deficiencies in the aggregate, this is you, it is you and not somebody else.

13. Deserved compliments just needed
Here I am wondering who among us does not want his favorite people thought he was beautiful, talented, intelligent and incredible personality?

14. You must have the same value
Some people by nature materialist, it brings joy to flaunt its uniqueness, which, incidentally, will not last forever. That is why celebrities marry celebrities.

(The question of why it does not last forever, has no relation to this list).

15. In all circumstances, you have to be faithful
At first glance it seems that this is true of course, but you will be surprised how high percentage of people who at least once in their lives have changed your loved ones. And statistics show that the percentage of such people is growing all the time.

16. Do not hesitate to his intellect
Smart people do not bother. They give instructive advice and help to make the right choice. Your spouse (s) should not be a professor or a master of some sciences, it has to be interesting and exciting people with life experience and their point of view.

17. indulge their preferences (whatever that means to you)
If you really intend to (a) To the best years of my life with this person, there is at least some sense of feel a spiritual connection with him. It so happened that in my life I like hairy older men. And I'm quite sure that it sounds attractive to me exclusively. But I live with it.

18. Look for every your hobbies
Do your partner should not have the same enthusiasm as you have (see chapter 8 about the trade-offs) as your partner uses their personal way to expand their self-realization and self-expression. The exception is those cases where he uses force, then apologizes for his dirty deed, but after a time again, everything goes in a circle. Let your loved one goes to the theater, museums, viewing various videos, it should have "life" outside of your relationship.

Cool, when you realize that doing his "hobby" your partner develops.

19. Share your views on the future
We hope these dreams, you and your partner together and happy.

20. Love unselfishly
Selfless love - it is something like the Garden of Eden: while you are here - you are a family.

Laura Argintar


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