5 exercises that will help you find your destination

Some exercises that will help you understand what you need to engage in really

You know, how do you know whether your way are you going? Quite simply. If you get up every morning full of energy and creative ideas - you're on your way. If you hate the sound of the alarm, and go up with bad mood - it's time to change jobs. Here are some exercises that will help you understand what you need to deal really.

Exercise 1. Return the child's interest
You know the difference between the genius of the common man? Genius defends his right to do what he likes. This usually occurs at an early age.

Ask yourself the question, what you love to do in my childhood. Even before your parents began to cram into you install that "drawing on bread will not earn" or "dancing - is not serious." Write three things that you really fascinated as a child. It's a small clue where you seek.

Exercise 2: We are looking for patterns of 20 favorite things
Now let's make a list of 20 of your favorite activities. Let some of you seem to be commonplace (for example, there is good food) - still write. When the list is ready, look closely at these sessions. Do you see a pattern? Maybe your list prevalent cases related to helping people? Or any sports activities? Or cases related with peace of monotonous work?

Understand, in which groups can be broken down this list. It helps you understand what kind of life you want to live.

3. Exercise Your ideal surroundings
If you will not believe it myself believe in yourself becomes even more difficult. That is why the environment creates winners almost always consists of the winners. Unfortunately, the environment in which we are accustomed to rise, is not conducive to the creation of genius.

Imagine that the world has changed for the night under your requests. And the next morning, he will be filled with people like that, what you want. What are these people? What qualities do they possess? Maybe they are all creative, or, on the contrary, they are people who have passed sopromat for five-plus? Maybe they do everything quickly, or vice versa, would you like the world to slow down?

What have you learned about yourself and what you need to fully express themselves?

Exercise 4. Five lives
Now imagine: you will have five lives. And in each of them you can become what you want. As you live these five lives?

This exercise, like all the others, you can adjust by itself. If the council for three lives - take three. It should be ten - nothing does not deny. I chose five because I like that number.

Now, imagine that one life you dedicate biology, the second - a professional travel, the third - the one to make a big family with lots of children, become the sculptor of the fourth, and the fifth - an astronaut. Which favorite?

The most important thing here to understand the following: if you have to choose just one life, even the one that you like best, you still will miss the rest. Because they are - it is your integral part. We drummed into the heads "specified!". And it's sad.

In the world there are people born for the sole purpose, but this is a rare exception. Each of your life contains something that you really like and what is need. And you can bring it into your life.

Exercise 5. My perfect day
Now we will have a long walk to your imagination. Take a pen and piece of paper and drove. So, how do you see your perfect day?

Live this day at this time and all the details: where you wake up, it is a house, who is close to you, what you eat for breakfast, what clothes you wear, what you do, what kind of work you are busy, at home or in the office?

Do not limit your imagination. Describe the day that would have lived if you had absolute freedom, unlimited resources and all the powers and abilities, which you only dreamed of.

Once the list is compiled, divide all your fantasies into three groups:

What is this you need the air.
Optionally, but still I would love to have.
Without what can do.
Our life is a life experience, stories, roles, relationships, income, skills. Something of this we choose. Something of what we call choice is actually a compromise. Something even an accident. Something of this is necessary and very expensive. But all this - not you.

Focus on yourself. Find something that you love. And start moving to your destination.


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