How to find the purpose that you will earn millions

The first Basis of Wealth, the cornerstone from which we start the construction is to find purpose.

Mission and destinyOnly let us first understand the terms. In order to find something, you have to understand what we're looking for. Many talk about the case for which you were born. I don't believe there is such a thing. There is a large range of cases for which each of us is born. A mean Mission. I believe that every person can be a Mission that he himself should choose.

The mission is to help others. Doing something for other people. Mission can be suitable to any purpose. So what is this destination that we need to find that it was the first Basis of Wealth? This thing that you love doing and which brings you money.

Simplicity is the highest form of art. Bruce Lee

My way of life — to simplify everything. Therefore, all of the criteria of purpose, I decided to leave two. The job that you love doing and which brings you money. And it is not necessary long and painfully to look. At the end of this article you will find it with a probability of over 90%. For the 10% who did not find, I will explain why they can't find and give good advice.

Everything should be simplified as long as possible, but no more. Albert Einstein

For example, I'm writing this article. I like to do. And it brings me and my family money. I love to help people. Now it brings me money, and started with a full "0" or more precisely "minus".

When I started, I loved doing it (but I still love a lot of things) and I don't earn money. But I knew that I earn. I had a development strategy in your. And I knew that they can earn millions of dollars. If you do it very efficiently. So qualitatively, as do the best master.

When you want to earn something, you have to invest. In order to grow crops, it is necessary to buy seeds. In order to build a house — you have to buy land and building materials. Then to build and then sell. In any earning money is the investment period. To become a master in any case, it is necessary to invest 10,000 hours.

I was 30 years old when I decided to become a coach. It was not a "revelation from heaven", it was not an accident. I understand that there is a beautiful profession that combines the 2-3 classes that I love my entire life.

After that, I studied those who are practicing this profession, earns hundreds of millions of dollars. I critically looked at myself and at them and realized that I have a good chance. But ahead of the 10 000 hours of hard work.

I'm not afraid of who is studying 10,000 different strokes. I'm afraid of the one who studies one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee

Now 7 years has passed strenuous work. I have written 9 books. I learned more than 20 new skills. I ran a marathon to become more patient and tough coach. And it's time for me very helpful was navigazzjoni concentration in any case. If you do what you love and it brings you money — it is your destiny.

How to find the PURPOSE ofMy method differs from most existing on the market. It is suitable for 90% of people. But certainly not all. Try it. If you have any questions — I will advise you who to contact for individual work.

I have a wonderful alumni Coaches New Code that made the search destination to your expert niche. They have learned all that is in the world about this search and have all the necessary "tools". Although help is also not for everyone. There are people who do not want to "find the purpose" they like just to "seek the purpose"))) It may be a matter of life. Search.... I don't really know how this "favorite thing" you can earn. But look — very interesting.

I suggest to look far into the past and remember what you dreamed in childhood. This can be a mistake. After all, the dream of becoming an astronaut was based on the notion of the space of the "third hand". I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, but I was not in an archaeological expedition. And I'm sure in reality I would have run with her on the first day. While dream so far. In my youth, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But I don't think in reality I would have loved it.

In General, I advise to look not at dreams. Look at the REALITY. What do you like doing consistently for the past 2-3 years? At least 2-3 years. And best of 5-7 years for reliability. This is a reliable criterion. Since you love it for so many years, there is a high probability that you're going to continue to love and beyond. This means that you have found your purpose! Left to learn about how to start earning a living.

My choice is martial arts, my profession is actor. My main role — the artist of life. Bruce Lee

First and foremost, I'd lose the illusion that those who found his destiny, immediately succeed. Read the story of Sylvester Stallone.

"I had to stay a nobody. Life has dealt me a wound at birth, gender of the person I was paralyzed at birth. Teachers thought I was mentally retarded, and my mother put a cross in childhood. For seven years, seven long hungry years, agents and producers choir was telling me that I must throw first acting, then the scenario path. I turned to the auditions, before I took the jacket, and the producers condemned my scripts without reading a single line. I had to swallow tears at work. Cleaned cages of lions in the zoo, chopped meat. 7 long hard years. 7 years of tears, sweat and faith in yourself. You also will not achieve anything until you are going through a period of despair. And then? And then I spent a year at $ 1600. And wrote "rocky". Believe in yourself and love your mother. Stronger than her you no one will ever love you". Sylvester Stallone

You'll know that it's okay to plow 5-7 years and then harvest. It is an investment. Do you want to earn a lot? We need to invest. Or invest a few million dollars and earn on them. Or to invest their labor and achieve perfection in your favorite business.

10 000 hours of hard work separate you from perfection in your favorite business and from the status of MASTER. Along with this status comes the money and fame. If it's your favorite thing and you study the right strategy — then you're guaranteed success. The teacher does not reveal the truth, he is the conduit of the truth that each student must discover for himself.

A good teacher — a catalyst. Bruce Lee

So, let's summarize:

  • Destiny is a favourite business that gives you money.
  • To find purpose it is necessary to recall the things that you love consistently at least 2-3 years. This gives grounds to hope that you will love them further.
  • Need to find someone who already makes your favorite things and understand what they know and can do. They need to learn.
  • You must invest in your growth and development in your chosen business 5-7 years (10,000 hours) of training and development. Training and action.
  • You become a master, and you come to money and fame!
The quick in his business will stand before KINGS. Proverbs

I passed this way. I have studied hundreds of great masters in various fields. 90% of them were this way. I offered to pass you. The Foundation — Mission and development strategy of 5-7 years. Foundation — Professional skills for your strategy skill to learn quickly, and basic skills for wealth. Basis — COMPLETE CONTROL — the control system life and time. Discipline and priorities.

I Know You Can! Go for it! Live! Influence! Grow rich! Love!

As for me, for example, I love to read. I love to learn new things and to explain to read other people. I even made a career out of what I like to do — and that's fine. Psychologist Marsha Sinetar

Do what you love and the money will come. Brian Tracy published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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