12 is a universal truth that will change your life for the better

Think about these vital truths, apply them to their own lives - and you do not have time to look back as your life will most real magic!

I - not a great sage, and I have not yet opened the essence of life, but something about her I still know.

I know of a few universal truths of life that apply to you - no matter who you are, and how much time to make mistakes in life. So read them, think about them, apply them to their own lives - and you do not have time to look back, how your life will enter the real magic.

All - really all - what you want to achieve, begins with a single thought ... so highlight the currently least occasionally time out to dream that some imagine and raskochegarit your imagination to the full, to fill your mind a myriad of fantastic options for the development of your life. Otrinte sense of reality and pragmatic ideas about what you can be, depending on your past. Your thoughts consist of a vibrant, ebullient, creative energy that makes it possible to anything - so use them with the same mind.
None of your dream may not be "too distant". Whatever you want - to move into the mansion, to become a famous actor, buy your own island in the Pacific - you can do it. I know that it's true. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would meet her beloved, head of the family, and I will do the work, from which I absolutely love it, I probably would have laughed. Then it seemed to me no more than a pipe dream ... but now I know - everything is possible.
Do you have an invaluable gift, which you should enjoy yourself, bestow others receive from someone, and even share with strangers. Use it, use it, and give it - the main thing, do anything. Life is too precious to leave your song nepropetoy, your book unwritten, and your dreams - unfulfilled. Enough to wonder whether you are good enough, talented or gifted for something. The answer to all these questions can be only one - yes, yes and yes!
You were created for success, and let no one dare to convince you otherwise. A success - is primarily a great accomplishment and enjoyment of life. Strictly speaking, it is the success and the meaning of life. So stop endlessly ask themselves worthy of you, whether you have enough strength to it, and even whether you do so-and-so, and instead simply make plans!
It does not matter what you had achieved in your life - you will always be able to convince yourself that you're terribly tired and need a break. So - do not do it. Yes, you may want to wait until you have more money, experience, time, courage, when you're thinner, wiser, healthier, or prepared ... but the truth is that the ideal time to do anything, just do not It exists. Life is changing every day and every moment, and if you use these changes as an excuse, you never have started. Do yourself a favor - start changing your life today.
Do not forget - the way of a thousand miles begins with one step. For this tiny step can lead you to such opportunities, which you previously had no idea. So do the same this step - and let you lead the life of your intuition. A simple phone call, received an e-mail, search the Internet or a seemingly chance encounter in a cafe before you can open the door to such possibilities that you do not even dreamed of. So remember once and for all - tiny steps lead to distant wanderings and great opportunities. And therefore never pass up an opportunity to step forward - even quite a little bit. How do you know - perhaps it is this "little" you do not have enough to overcome the inertia of life?
Your intuition - your internal navigation, and when you are connected to it, it can almost effortlessly guide you on the right path. How to connect to it? Just do what seems good and right for you.
You do not have to know how, when or why to do something right now. Believe me, when the time is right, you will enter into it completely prepared. You may be surprised at how timely fate will throw you the resources, time, money and contacts.
In the world there is always a place of magic, and it is no less real than your dreams. Believe in it, trust it, and remember - everything will be fine, even if it seems to you that this has no prerequisites.
If you need help - she is always available, every second of your life. Each of us is surrounded by friends, friends, teachers, mentors, and just good people who always support and encourage you when you need it. so jump forward, not looking, and know - if anything, you will pick up caring hands.
If you believe in yourself, that belief becomes a material. You can not imagine how invaluable you can have a positive attitude. He helps me, and it will definitely help you. Try to believe in themselves. Believe yourself. And - forward.
Do not forget about the fun! If I have to clarify something on the course of life, it is the fact that sometimes we all need to stop, relax and let off steam. This is not only pleasant but also useful - because it allows you to get more than enough inspiration, features tons of energy in order to achieve his cherished dream. So do not sit in an office chair all day long. Give yourself time out to laugh, play and have fun ...!
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Lamisha Serf-Walls


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