What is fiber, and eight products that will help her to earn sufficient

Cellulose is a very famous name of dietary fiber, which have an influence on the digestion of food in our body. Unlike proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fiber does not provide our body with energy, but has an important role in his life.

Ideally, the body is equally important both soluble and insoluble fiber. It can be peas, beans, barley, prunes, avocados. Second seeds and green vegetables. Daily intake of fiber — 35-50 grams.

The main properties of the fiber:
Slows the promotion of food in the body
lowers the level of glucose in the blood
laxative effect
assists in the processing of food

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Let's look at the most fiber-rich foods and learn how much should they have to conform to the norm.
Beans — 10 g./100 g.
Spinach — 4 g/100 g.
Oatmeal — 3 g./100 g.
Potato — 4 g/piece
Brussels sprouts — 4 g/100 g.
Banana — 3 g./piece
Rye bread — 6 g./100 g.
Raisins — 10 g./100 g.

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