How You can use orange peel: 5 useful tips

1. No stains
Add the lemon peel in the dishwasher, and soap spots will no longer appear on your glasses and glass bowls.
2. Citrus vinegar
Put in a jar of citrus peel, fill with vinegar, close and leave for a week. After that, pour the finished citrus vinegar in a spray bottle and use as a versatile cleaner.

3. Clean coffee pot
To quickly clean up stains from coffee, add a pot of orange peel, a Cup or two of iced water and a couple tablespoons of salt. Then close and shake in a circular motion.
4. Mineral deposits
To clean mineral deposits in the bathroom, sprinkle orange or lemon rind a bit of salt and use as a scrub walls and doors in the shower.

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5. Clean a cutting Board
To disinfect a Board on which you cut up food, pour it with a pinch of salt and RUB citrus peel. Then wash the Board and wipe dry.

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